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Martin B

Got my allotment!

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and start investing in low maintenance perrenials!


look for lottie neighbours with globe artichokes and ask if they'll give you a couple of 'offsets' when the time comes to split their plants.

most will be only to happy to oblige!


and watch out for cheap fruit canes in wilkos, woolworths and ldols. They'll be selling them off cheap in the next couple of weeks and though you'll not get fruit from them this year, you'll have a wonderful, productive little hedge established to shade lettuces and such next season.


one last thing...you just have time to sow your purple sprouting brocolli, parsnips and leeks if you want a good winter/early spring crop :wink:

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one last thing...you just have time to sow your purple sprouting brocolli, parsnips and leeks if you want a good winter/early spring crop :wink:


It sounds as if you know what you are talking about Tara....I could do with more guidance of this sort...have you got any more tips!? :lol:

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Well I put in 3 rows of onions yesterday and about 1/4 of them have been picked up and thrown around by the pigeons! :evil:

My Dad noticed them when he went to do some raking for me! So when I came home from school there was a huge birdscarer in the garden. It's basically 2 poles with cds that rotate, I'll take a picture when the rainy days have passed! :roll:


I had loads planned for tonight but unfortunately we've had/having some heavy rain! :(

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A few more pictures then! :wink:

I've been up the allotment for the majority of today. I'm still playing catch up, because I got my allotment quite late, therefore I am having to cheat a bit. I went to a nursery today and bought another pepper plant, 6 red cabbage plants, 24 leek plants, 12 runner bean plants and 2 cucumber plants. They've all been planted and here are a few pictures. At least next year I will have more time before hand to get all seeds up and running! :D




Above is a row of leeks, not bad value at £1.25 for 24 leek plants, they are all a good size and really healthy! :D



Here is the red cabbage under a net.



Here is the netted area in general. Under the nets are white cabbage (grown myself), cauliflower (grown myself) and red cabbage (bought in). They are all under net to avoid the neighbouring pigeons eating them! They've already dug up some of the onions! :twisted:


The next photo is of my bird scarer, it rotates as the wind blows and makes the birds flea. :lol:




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I'm amazed at your progress and determination.


I wouldn't know where to start. I got a few raised beds this year and have planted some lettuce and garlic and a few other bits. It's sort of - if it grows we keep it but if not ((shrug)) not lost anything. My stuff seems to be a bonus if we can eat anything.. and we have had a few lettuce.


I'm in awe... and want to watch it develop more :D


With great respect and best wishes in your accomplishments Jxx

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I know! :lol:


It's overflowing! I'm going to get one of the larger council ones for £10


Why don't you have a go at making one yourself Martin? They're really easy to build. You just need some s"Ooops, word censored!"s of wood a few nails, some chicken wire and a small sheet of corrugated plastic/metal.


You could try getting hold of the materials from your local freecycle. You basically make a wooden frame and nail chicken wire around the frame at the bottom, preferably not nailing on one side at the front so you can open it a bit to make turning a bit easier! This can be shut with some bend nails which have been hammered in loosely, so you can turn them. You could even make a shelf above the compost heap with some more wood to store plant pots and things and then attach a roof made out of the plastic.

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