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New rescue babies!

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I have just got home from the BHWT rescue in Worcester. :D


Martin volunteered to help out at the rescue and he boxed up my new girls for me. Im sure he will post photos of his own when he gets back.


Rescuing chooks is so worthwhile and i would recommend it to you all.

OH & I are still in shock at how poorly and ill treated they look, so pale and fragile, so shell shocked - all in the name of cheap eggs and meat. :cry:


Anyway without further a do here are Rhubarb, Custard, Sherbet & Shrimp!!! While they are with me they are going to have the time of their lives! :dance:


Rhubarb! Had her wing over Custard when we took them out of the box



Custard! Oh look how floppy her comb is :(



Sherbet! Bless her she is so shell shocked :(



Shrimp! Scrawny little chook.


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Glad you like the names guys! :D


OH wasnt sure about Shrimp but it really makes me giggle! :lol:


Rhubarb and Custard are so close so they suit their names too. :D


Sherbet is yet to fizzle & sparkle but give her time! :wink:


As i am keeping the sweety theme a friend suggested 'Vampire teeth' :roll::lol: Now that would be unique when the vet called us through! :oops::lol:

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Well done Em


I'm a bit like Cinnamon seeing those photos :cry:


They are really, really lucky to have been chosen by you, they will have such a wonderful life


Well done again to you and Mo


See you tomorrow :D

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:?: Questions :?:


Do the combs and whattles go more red and combs stand up when they are more healthy and settled?


What makes the combs go all floppy?


Congratulations on your rescue.


Hi Jaime :D


Yes Martin is right, they do go redder and eventually get a little smaller. I must say both the OH & I were quite worried at how pale their combs and wattles are, as we dont remember our last lot of rescue chooks looking that bad. :(


I think the reason for the combs being so floppy is because they use the comb to regulate their body temperature and as the battery farms are so hot the combs grow & expand to allow them to get rid of excess heat.

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