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I've got a big RED one.... a cube missus :shock:


Its in the early stages of self assembly.


5 HUGE boxes and I chose the last one for the instructions. :evil:


Sits down and has a cup of tea. :shock:


Finds wheels and fixes them to base


Sits down and has a cup of tea :shock:


Find angle things and attach front and steps


Sits down and has a cup of tea :shock:


Must go and sort out my leg bag - my tonsils are floating!


Have a cup of tea nad upload a few pics! :shock:

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First viewing of a red cubeIMG_1173.jpg


It's easier with a little help from your friendsIMG_1174.jpg


more friendsIMG_1175.jpg


2 Wheels off my wagonIMG_1177.jpg


Loads of BitsIMG_1181.jpg


We have a baseIMG_1184.jpg


A few Steps further on :roll:IMG_1185.jpg


The story so farIMG_1187.jpg



I think a cup of tea is in order

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All the major building work now complete. Just need to tidy up the mesh part but it has just started hammering down. Chookies sleeping in the old eglu until weekend when I can clean it all up properly.


I enjoyed building it... I guess I was a bit slow but it all fits together. And it's HUGE and RED

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Well done Jaime! I am so impressed both with your building it so quickly and the photos. :D It looks wonderful in red. I bet you can't wait til your girls move in. Now I think it's time for you to sit down and have a cup of tea - or maybe something stronger to christen the cube.

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...Are you sure sheila isnt at your house with all that tea your drinking?! :wink:


:lol: I was wondering if it was something I'd said. :lol:

Well done, Jaime, the red Cube looks excellent. Lovely pics of garden & hens too. 8)


Are you pleased with it? I think it's a fab design.

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