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What chickens have you got?

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SIX !!! :D


Started off with three in April last year - the original GNR's from Omlet, but after a few months I contracted Chickenitis, the main symtom being a strong desire for more chickens :lol: .


At the begining of 2007 I got a second hand eglu on e-bay and last month collected three rescued ex-battery hens.



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We've got two, Clover and Lupin. They are Light Sussex and lay wonderful eggs.


Occasionally we think about getting a third so that if one dies the other isn't left alone but have been told this breed lives for several years.

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erm, billions.


one black rock

one calder ranger

one blue comet

one amber comet

one sussex star

one welsummer

one cuckoo maran

one cream legbar

one silky

FOUR pekins...but they only count as two real hens as far as persuading OH was concerned :wink:

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