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Thanks everyone, its a bit 'loud' isn't it :lol: .

I was exhausted yesterday - cleaned out all 3 runs, power-washed the eglus, cleaned all the feeders, put the brooder chicks out into the purple run - all the time not very hopeful of the cube turning up, as theres been so many 'hiccups'. It came about 3.30 and took OH and I just under an hour to build it up.

3 of the big girls went into the cube themselves, after Jas decided she would sleep on top of it - that'll drive me mad if they can get on top of it, the wooden house had a sloping roof to prevent this.

I then had to put the rest of them in - it was Wendy, Evie and Freya's first night sleeping with the big ones, although they've been out in the garden with them for a few weeks. They settled down quite quickly (had to turf Jas out the nest :roll: ). I went back out about 11 and opened the door again.

Beauty was in the nest box last time I looked this morning - I've had 5 eggs a day for about 10 days so I expect the move will put them off a bit.

I'm working till 10 tonight so who knows where they'll be sleeping when I get in, if OH hasn't put them to bed :roll: .

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Yes Bron, the big chicks are 14 weeks now and almost the same size as the big ones, so thats 8 in the big run.

In the purple run I have 10 week olds - a beautiful Welsummer boy, 2 Buff Orps (1 girl,1boy I think) and 3 Silver-laced Wyandottes. I'm keeping 1 Orp and 1 Dotte out of them and the other 4 are going next week.

In the pink run I have 3 Frizzle boys :roll: - the wee girl had to be put tp sleep on Monday as she'd gone lame :cry: . I've advertised them on Practical Poultry as the girl that takes my cockerels just wants big ones.

Also in the pink run are 13 four week old Wheaten Maran, Buff Sussex and Cream Legbar - the Marans and Buff Sussex are the friendliest little chicks I've hatched, and easy to sex.

So thats 30 altogether :oops: - but only temporarily :wink: .

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Woohooo - you too took the plunge & ordered orange like me!!!!! I'm just waiting for Omlet to ring with delivery date, although it's coming by courier & could just turn up!!!!!


I absolutely can't wait now as yours looks so fab - I am so envious!!!!!


I still can't figure out how to get the orange cube in my signature - I've tried copying & pasting but - I'm having one of those moments when....it just won't do it for me!!! :roll: (more like I can't follow simple instructions)!sig


Hope some clever omleteer will come along soon & pop one on my siggy for me.


Enjoy your cube - so glad I'm having orange!



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:lol: Emma, I tried umpteen times to get the cube in my sig. then Bron told me to do what Shona just said, then I managed it (think I need to go on a computer for numpties course :lol: ).

Glad I'll not be the only one with orange - its a bit bright but growing on me. When I look out into the run it looks kind of clean and fresh, if you know what I mean!

The girls all laid in the nestbox before I went to work, although I put a couple of them in when I saw them pacing up and down outside the cube - they must have been 'desperate' 'cos they stayed put and laid straight away.

They all went to bed no probs then OH went out to take the washing in and they all came diving out again :roll:

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And the cube set-up stays looking clean and fresh! I thought mine looked good because it was brand new and the Eglu was old; but it continues looking light and airy. For the hens, it must be like living in a penthouse instead of a basement.


I must say I like orange and red, because they are good strong colours. The purple is just a little too mauve.

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