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Xmas swap 2016 - last posting date 11/12/16

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Just wondering if anyone would like me to organise the Christmas swap again for this year :D

I would love to do it again if people don't mind.


I will pop my name on the list :wink:



Ursula 123

Cat tails





Jennifer Jane





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I'm still without a machine. The 2 months look like they are going to be 6. The boy is still at home, so I'm not sure. I can do some bits but need the machine to finish properly. I've some ideas. I've already done some bits already for a head start. The boy said he'd help me bring the machine down this weekend. I won't hold my breath! So while I'd like to be on the list, can I give it a few more days?

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So while I'd like to be on the list, can I give it a few more days?


No pressure :D

When I organised it last time I gave a closing date so you have loads of time to decide whether to take part or not.


Now the big decission making has started...


What to make, what to make?


Hee hee, you do make me laugh Cat tails :lol:

I bet you've already been to the shops and stocked up on wool :wink:

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I'm still without the machine. Man flu broke out on Sunday, so no hope yesterday. Today although I can see all his shoes in the hallway I haven't heard one movement upstairs apart from the wind rattling the door. I didn't hear him get up for work - I hope he's still alive!!! :anxious:


Edited to add I can hear the coughing and blowing of the nose. He lives HE LIVES! :lol:

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:D are you sure you want to do this again, luvachicken? If so, I'm in!


There's a link to the rules here, please read them. There is absolutely no shame in contacting the organiser before the posting date to say that you've got a major problem and can't complete your swap, but late posting/leaving it too late to finish really isn't on, because it means your swappee will be disappointed. We've got lots of time, so don't wait till December to start!


The more who join in, the better - you don't have to spend lots and you don't have to be an expert, just make something with care and love and your swappee will be thrilled. Now, what to make, what to make ... :think:

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Have sewing machine will travel! The boy assisted with heaving down the cabinet and the machine. I managed to drop the cabinet down the stairs (machine and junk already downstairs - the cabinet is heavy enough without that lot too) and broke off 2 wheels. Didn't realise I'd banged my nose and blood was pouring down so I looked like I was about to go on the warpath! Also made huge s"Ooops, word censored!"es along the stairs. The boy told me off for not wanting to wait for his dad - but armageddon I could imagine with those two. I told hubby it was my fault and that was the end of that subject. Yesterday I got 2 new wheels and tipped the cabinet onto my foot. I now sport a nice bruise. Wheels on, machine in. Then over at daughter's place and I help her move a heavy table and squashed my hand. This morning I stubbed my toe in the bathroom in the dark. Luckily it's double jointed and just did it's usual squashy up trick. I'm a bit scared of picking up scissors or running the machine now! :anxious:


Anyway as I digressed so much back to topic and please add me to the list. :dance:

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I have been watching - really not got a lot of time to do anything this christmas - have a load of stuff to finish - going to Dublin next week to their knitting stitching and quilting show! and just back from America ( did not buy a lot). Came home with horrible sinuses and deafness so not been feeling like doing much and machine not been used for a while. Work full time so will pass this time - maybe by next christmas!!

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