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Xmas swap 2016 - last posting date 11/12/16

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I chose a fairly straightforward project so I could be sure of getting it done in time. Do I hear the sound of hollow laughter?


First I lost a couple of vital components, eventually I tracked them down in completely the wrong place; then I started making it; and then I had to undo it, due to my total failure to follow instructions. Only had to undo it, oh, four times so far I think? One day I'll learn to read right to the END of the instructions. And then read them again. :oops:


Tis done. A couple of other little things to do and ...

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*takes off 'ridiculous nincompoop who can't read instructions' hat* right, going into sensible mode for a moment *puts on Mod hat*


Please remember to post on here when you have SENT your swap

And please post when you have RECEIVED it!


Them's the rules, and that means luvachicken can work out if there are any problems - there won't be, of course, as if anyone had a problem they'd have let her know by now. :D


Ooh that Mod hat's getting tight ... think I've put on weight.

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Thanks luvachicken.


Hopefully the queue will be better, going to go early. They shut our main post office in the town recently, so now all the little surrounding village ones are busy.


I still get very tired but it is much better than it was,

At least I can make it past lunch time now :lol:

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