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Can anyone recommend good trousers??

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since i had seth ive had problems with trousers .


I am about 5ft 5 i think ,


i thought i was shorter than that.


But nowhere seems to accomodate ladies that are curvy, i need trousers that look good on a Nigella Lawson/ charlotte church figure.


anyone recommend any?


I normally have Gap Long and Lean's as i worked there for 5 yrs, BUT- theres no gap near us now we are country bumkins.


I just had the new Boden catalogue through the post today as well as a book from the Lovely Clare-T.


are boden trousers good or for extra skinny mini's




any other recommendations would be appriciated.


im looking for a nice pair of winter trousers that are smartish :)



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I can see this thread being popular F&C. I think most of us have some sort of 'clothing' problems.


I'm 5'2 (ish) and I have piled on the pounds since having Stefan and I have real problems getting trousers to fit on my waist and round my thigh and in length. I refuse to wear M&S elasticated waists!!


I'm not a fan of hipsters at all, and boot legs don't do anything for my shape.


I find M&S generally tend to fit my shape better than anywhere, but it's never a dead cert. NEXT are ok in their smarter trousers.


I do think, the more you pay for a good pair of trousers, the better they will fit. It might mean going online and ordering something that isn't off the High Street.


I do all of my shopping at Sainsurys's these days.... :oops:


If I had the money I'd shop at Hobbs.

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I have been looking for some smart trousers for a few weeks now, and am almost at the end of my tether. I have ample thighs (according to the trousers I tried to try on :oops: ) and bottom, but a 26/28 inch waist (dependant on food intake!), and can't judge the fit of those awful hipster ones they seem to have in the shops at present. No wonder I always wear skirts for work :roll: I have had nice M&S trousers from a charity shop, in a stone colour, and their size 10 fits me fine, but trousers have to be tried on, and after my recent experiences I have temporarily given up :evil:


Good luck, and if you find some trousers that fit, let us all know :D

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Ditto re curves altho I'm sadly lacking in the tiny waist department. :oops: But I have found that Next, (I use the online service) are pretty good for fitting exactly as they say they will except the shoes wich come up small. Also the Per Una bit of M & S has some great stuff.


Keep meaning to have a look at Boden as I eep hearing their adverts on the radio....


Mrs B

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Never heard of Boden!

I have the opposite problem, I am 5ft9 and need 33 inch trousers, Too tall for the normal long (31") and too short for the Long tall sally (35 or 37").

I did buy a few pairs from Dotty P's Tall range a while ago.

I don't really wear 'smart' trousers though! For work, allotment and gardening, walking I wear regatta combats, Mens of course, for the length, and they are baggy as they don't have the 'fit' for woman, but the womans are too short!

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Trouser buying is a nightmare. why can't you get ladies trousers with a waist size and a leg length like men?


I posted a topic in the spring when I was desperate for a few new pairs of trousers. Eventually I managed to get 2 pairs of jeans and a pair of cords, which I thought would last until the summer. I have worn them all "summer" as it has been cold, now the trousers need replacing.


I am a weird shape. I am only 5 ' 6" and need a size 8 with a leg length of 34 inches (to wear with flattie shoes), or an even longer length if I want to wear shoes with a bit of a heel.


I have just been given 2 pairs of trousers at work. they are a "small" but are too big on the waist and not long enough. All day I am either hitching them back up before I show my knickers or pulling them down to hide my socks :lol:

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Dorothy Perkins trousers are good! Per Una by M&S are good too, nice cut, nice fit. La Redoute (mail order) do some beautiful good fitting ones too.

If you want some ' cheaper' ones, try Mackays or M & Co as it is now known as - their trousers are a dream to wear! I've also had some mail order from Simply Be - loads of choice of styles and price ranges.


Good luck!



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I am loving the M and Co! You have good taste Craft Hunny! Im not keen on the trousers, very very smart BUT- the tunic tops and dresses are cute!


I wish id have had a pair of troo's on today , the plumber came and i had a linen [boden flippy skirt] on and the wind blew it up,


I laugh and said ''I'm having a Marilyn Monroe Moment''


He laughed!


I live on the highest point in Shropshire and its soooo windy!!!


MUST order some before richard has to lie down again

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They say sauciness comes with age - that must be what's up with Richard...he's a little jigger!



I'm too young an innocent to understand :shock::?

Richard :shameonu:


Anyway, I do quite well with Next or occasionally Dorothy Perkins petite. I'm 5'3" and have short legs and a big bum/thighs. I find trousers are too long if they fit my bum, unless proportioned for petite women. I always have some degree of flare as I'd look hideous in slim fit trousers.

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