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Going away for the weekend

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i have yet to own hens, but am doing my research . I think I may buy a Go Up plus run. When I visited a chicken supplier, he said that he didn’t shut the go door at night, as the hens would be perfectly safe. I occasionally go away on Friday night, and get back on Sunday. Is it possible to leave hens if ample water and food is available? 

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It’s probably not the done thing but if I could be certain they wouldn’t tip their water over or anything and they were totally secure in their run then yes I would leave them for two nights. Only once the pecking order was totally sorted though and I was confident they wouldn’t attack each other.

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Yes, I agree with the general advice given here and, as ever, it depends on your setup. Mine free range permanently (no predator problems), they have a treadle-feeder that can hold many week's worth of food, multiple water sources that can't be tipped over, and no pecking order issues. I wouldn't hesitate to leave them for a night. That said, I would ask a friend just to drop in to cast an eye over them if it were to be longer than that - I wouldn't sleep snugly with thoughts that the treadle-feeder might get blocked or something like that. The friend get the eggs and otherwise there's nothing really for them to do if all is as it should be. 

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