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Easter Meet Up....Oxfordshire Area?

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Patricia W and I get together for coffee on occasions and we gather that others who are close neighbours sometimes meet up too so we wondered if anyone else would be interested in a bigger gathering over the Easter weekend? Somewhere in the vicinity of Oxford would seem sensible as transport links are good and there are a few of us already not too far distant. From previous experience setting a date is the tricky bit so, if we can settle on a mutually convenient day, we can throw suggestions into the ring regarding exact location. 

Soooooooo, is anyone available and interested in an Omlet gathering over Easter? Or is that a bit soon and would a September/October meet be a better bet for more of us? The summer (June to end of August) is always a bit tricky, being peak holidays anyway! As you will know.........I'm hoping to be out of the loop as of next Tuesday for a week or so  but I know that Patricia W will take up the strain, if nec!!!




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Yes.  We had our own mini Omlet meet.  Two poached eggs on toast plus 2 cups of tea.   We like to live well!   

We thought it best to see who was interested and a date before choosing a venue.  Then we’d choose somewhere geographically accessible to the majority.   In fact, we are hoping some of you guys in the surrounding counties might be interested, e.g. Berkshire, Hampshire and even Surrey?   ‘Up north’ there may be some of you in Warwickshire.   I think we are looking M40, A34 axis. 

We are thinking of tea, cake and natter somewhere like a Garden centre or similar.  

Anyone up for it? 




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