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Great North Run - FINISHED IT!!!

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Tomorrow morning at 6:45 I will be picked up and the roundabout at the end of our road to be magically transported to the start of the Great North Run :shock:


I am running it for my friends charity http://www.katietrust.org/ :D


I'm hoping to finish in less than 3 hours.


wish me luck people.




ill post again tomorrow with my actual running time and any additional ailments I managed to pick up on the way round. (ooooh, my boss will love me if I cant walk on Monday :lol::lol::lol: )

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Well done Cathy. My hubby did the run 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Ethan- I went with him & we stayed in a cool hotel in Jesmond. I was wrecked just walking from there to the start, then battling my way onto the Metro to the finish line at South Shields, which was miles away from the station! Then we had the VERY long journey back- the queue for the Merto at South Shields was soooo long we got the ferry to North Shields & then took the Metro the long way around back to the hotel :D

We enjoyed it, have a great run tomorrow.

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Go Cathy - I'll be watching on the treadmill at the gym... Not running of course just walking. I couldn't run for a bus. Actually I'm too much of a s"Ooops, word censored!" to run for a bus - I don't do public transport, except if I'm going to London on a weekday.


I know what I can run, A BATH!


Maybe when I've lost lots of weight I'll actually RUN for the race for life, I usually just walk. and my best time is 1 hour and 2 mins

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in 2 hours 48 minutes 43 Seconds


and I have sore feet (think I need some new trainers :lol: )

I wore a red tshirt (sorry not the omlet one) and it took me 27 minutes to pas the start line


I think running for charity is a wonderful feeling and anyone doing it should realise that they are a superhero :lol: (regardless of how long it takes)


Pengy, when you want to do the race for life, ill do it with you!!!!

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