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Our halloween party is on saturday (I know that's a bit late, but then we need sunday to sort any possible hangover), we get loads of pumkins carved on the day (24 waiting for sacrifice in my garage)... will it be too late to send some pics after that?

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Shrove Tuesday is in 3 months time . . . :lol::lol:




I just had to check that ... but it's true! It's cos Easter is so bloomin' early next year. That is really scary!


I always thought that stuff about time going faster as you get older was a myth, but my goodness it's true.

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It's brilliant to have the newsletter back. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed it.


The Eglu Owners of the week were brilliant too - what are your forum names though, so we know who you are? What fantastic jobs too, very full and interesting lives you have and the video was superb - if I let my two anywhere near the kitchen work surfaces, they'd definitely leave me more than an egg behind :shock::lol:


Congratulation to to Laura, Cleo and Anon!! (Was it Helly Welly's OH or am i talking pants :wink:)


Off to carve my pumpkin for the comp. Last year mine was a disaster and ended up in the compost in a tantrum :|

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WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! I won!!!!


Well done to the others, you look so much more professional than me :D



:lol::lol::lol::lol: How funny :lol::lol::lol: I never win anything so this is absolutely wondeful news 8)8)8) I do look pretty scary mind you :lol::lol::lol:


I wonder how I claim my voucher.....I didn't look for that info as I was soooo excited! I'll have another look.


Looks like the chickens will be getting a christmas present from the Omlet shop 8)8)


OH is now taking the credit as he was the photographer :roll::roll::lol:

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