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Bertha died today

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Bertha didn't pull through in the end. We don't know why. We went out at 7am this morning and she was dead in the nest box :cry:. My husband was devastated as she was his favourite. We had taken her to the vet last night who thought she might have a dicky chest and gave her some antibiotics. She was due to go back on Friday. The vet commented on what a good colour her comb was so we know it wasn't her heart. The other girls were out in the run, but when they found we had removed her from the eglu they started acting strangely and crowing differently to normal. I think they knew she was going yesterday because one of them was always with her.

We are so sad. It seems to have ben a bad year for losing out pets. We buried her this morning under the almond tree with the others. The run seems ever so empty because she was such a big girl. We will get another 2 but not until spring when it will be easier to introduce them.

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