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A cow in the garden!!!!

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OMG!!! I have just had the biggest fright of my life!!!! I was happily watching the chooks from the kitchen window and I heard this really loud THUD THUD THUD noise then this huge brown cow with big horns comes from the side of the house :shock: I quickly locked the door and it made this really weird "mooooooooooo" noise, but it sounded very angry. I had no idea what to do. The chickens where going absolutly mad (thank god they where in the run!) So not knowing what to do I phoned my Dad, but he didnt answer, then I phoned his mobile, still no answer, then I phoned his work and spoke to some lady who knows him (havent a clue who she is though.) I was nearly in tears by this time (its not like I'm scared of cows though :wink:) I wanted to go and see the chickens but I couldnt. Then it made another "MOOOOOOOO" noise and did the thing where they grind their hoof on the floor and started charing ereywhere :shock: So my Dad's friend phoned the police and they turned up, had a look round the garden and left me by my self! The cow had completly dissapeared. I want to go and warn the neighbors but I'm too scared to go out!


God that was scary!!!!



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I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it :shock:


Do you have a farm or an abatoir nearby as it has obviously escaped :lol:


Check for any damage as the owner will be liable :?


If it comes back stay away from it and call the police again cattle when scared can be very dangerous :shock:


Pussy cats with people they know but mean with those they don't know :roll:

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Wow, that's not something you see every day, thank goodness! Do you back on to fields or anything, the cows at the back of our house escaped once a few years ago and all crammed into some derelict garages next to our house. I'm not scared of them either but they're pretty BIG up close! :shock: Where has it gone? If you ring the police they should be able to tell ou the result of their search (probably area search no trace I should imagine, they don't give you any training for cows, or horses at training school!)


Hope it's gone for good!


Mrs B

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Sorry but.................. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:


I wonder where it went?

Hope the police didn't think you was some kind of nutter-ringing up saying there is an angry cow in your garden only for there to be nothing there!! :oops::lol::lol:


Pleased you're ok though.

I'm only laughing because it didn't happen to me. Don't think I'd find it quite so funny if it did!! :shock::wink:

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I am sure it was scary but it made me laugh I'm afraid.


Reminds me of something that happened, and considering the forum I am

posting this on, I feel very embarrassed :oops::oops:


Many, many years ago when I was a student I shared a rather nasty flat in

London, it had an outside toilet (said it was a nasty flat :( I got home from college one day and was dying for a pee so went to the toilet, sitting on the lid was a large white chicken :!: I am a city gal, never had anything to do with livestock in my life, I was terrified :oops: So I phone the police. I could hear the laughter when I explained my dilemma and the very nice policeman said "Madam have you tried going shoo shoo?" I explained I was too scared to do anything, so they sent round a VERY young bobby who calmly picked the chicken up, tucked her under his arm and took her to the police station.

I heard later she had been claimed by a family a few doors away who kept

chooks in their garden....felt like a complete idiot. Wow how things have changed in my life. :)



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It sounds funny but I was terrified, more for the chickens though because it was pushing against the run trying to get in :shock: Plus it was a REALLY big cow!!!!!!!


I have no idea where it went, it was last seen in my drive way. Then I went to get the phone and when I came back it had gone. So i went to look up the road and it was know where to be seen.


The police saw the huge hoof marks in the drive way and lawn so they new I wasnt making it up. We do have a farm a few roads away, but it would have had to make its way acoss a busy main road to get to our house.


Its quite funny looking back, but the chickens aren't laughing :?


God I hate cows............



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:shock: I thought cows were quite docile, are you sure it wasn't a bull with the big horns :shock:

An interesting day anyway... :?


Many cows are quite docile in their own environment choccy but when they are scared they can be incredibly unpredictable :shock:


Both males and females of some breeds can have horns as well :?


Crikey if it was a male you were very lucky :shock: Especially if it was a dairy bull they are extremely dangerous in fact I only know one farm who keep a dairy bull and I know lots of farms :lol:

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Awww - i'd love a cow in my back garden! (DH has put his foot down on that one though! :evil::( )


You haven't lived til you have put your hand and arm up a cows backside and felt a warm little calf nose! :):wink:

Tell us more about that, Helen......


As you asked Jules! :) I used to work on farms quite a lot as summer jobs in my teenage years. The secondary school i went to has a farm and instead of a GCSE we could do a NVQ in Agriculture! So whilst everyone else was stuck in boring lessons we got to go off in the minibus and chase sheep round fields! My best ever lesson was the day my friend and I (who both worked on the farm after school and had our tutor group in the farm hut) were asked to miss our science lesson to help a pig farrow! I learnt way more that morning then i would have done in the lesson...


Some friends from church were farmers on a huge dairy farm and i worked there as a paid summer job several years doing fencing, tractor driving, milking and calf rearing mostly. To check the calf is in the right position to birth - ie not breech, farmers pop on a long plastic orange glove and have a feel! I won't go into to much detail for the more squeamish amongst you - thats basicly it! But is quite something to feel an animal before its even born!

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Sounds really great. As a youngster i used to read all the James Herriot books, there was lots of bits about cows giving birth in there. I think giving birth is wonderful, & not yucky at all. Having done it myself twice it's not messy at all- one of ny homebirth friends gave birth in her living room where she has a cream carpet. She always says that you would never know a baby had been born there, apart from he was lying in a cot in the corner!

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We always end up with runaways too! Have ended up herding escaped sheep and chickens off the road. Stayed at a farm B&B in Cornwall, and found a horse leaning in through the kitchen window to drink out of the sink. :lol::lol:


Lesley's the one to talk to about runaway cows!


It wasn't one of ours! - honest! :shock: Ours are scary and they both have big horns. I'm scared of them and hate Carl going in with them as they are not friendly :evil:


No wonder you were scared! :shock:

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Some cattle are not friendly at all. But a little calf i reared one year - Jason, used to charge across the field when he saw me coming (cos he know i would have a bucket full of milk!) and he was really tame, loved a stroke on the head and a scratch behind the ears. 6 months later on i went to visit him again and this HUGE bullock came skidding accross the field to meet me - was Jason - i didn't have any milk but he loved a scratch behind the ears still!


You may be able to see Bob the (fully grown) bull (the brown one) in the background in the picture - he trod on my foot once! Am surprised my toes managed to survive!



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