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Chicken pictures at last!

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However do they reach your glug though!


The big girls can reach it but the bantams can't.

Thanks to a suggestion from Claret, we added a rabbit drinking bottle lower down.

Now they all use this & ignore the original glug! :roll: (slightly out of date pictures)


It's funny seeing the big girls crouching down to the rabbit spout! :lol:



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I ended up buying a normal glug which my chicken seem to prefer. How is your lawn now??? I have to say I moved my cube and run every 5 days and the grass only took about 2 weeks to come back during the summer - don't know about the winter though... I have put wood chips down which they seem to love.

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So far, when they've been free ranging they've seemed to like to go to the same spots - flower beds at the end of the patio or in the corner of the garden where the earth is quite dry & they can scratch & dust bath all they like. then if they wind gets up they retreat under the table so they're kind of inside/outside :roll:


I've been moving the cube every few days so they can have clean grass in the run for when I'm at work & they can't go out. Then I just rake up the poos from the vacated area.

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