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The Dogmother

Weird weather

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Someone here just said that snow is forecast for next week.... surely they mean in Scotland :?


Aargh, no!! I haven't ordered my Snugglesafe yet!! :wink: .


Seriously, though, has anyone got one of those? OH thinks I'm crazy but I wouldn't want to sleep in an eglu in the winter, even with a feather duvet and 2 people in feather duvets on either side (well, maybe, depends who they were ... :wink:.

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My lot don't get any extra coverings for warmth in the winter and I am extremely North.


I have had 3 Bantams in an Eglu over winter where the temperature dopped to -15oc during the night and reached a balmy -10oc during the day. The chickens were quite cosy in the Eglu and I could feel the temperature difference in the Eglu when I opened the door in the morning and stuck my hand in, the inside of the Eglu was toasty warm :D

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I've just driven through the worst rain I've ever experienced - I literally could not see the car ahead for about 30 seconds. As I was travelling along an A road at around 60mph when that came over it was pretty scarey!


Needless to say I was already late when I started out and by the time I got to school I was rather late, ds1 was in tears. Oh dear.


Got home to find soggy chickens and even wetter washing that I'd left flapping in the breeze at lunchtime.



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I can put the Eglus in the garage if I need to. The girls have had their corn and are now waiting in line to retire for the night :lol: We have had worse gales than this before and the run survived so I am not going to freak out just yet. I have never really got used to the extreme windy weather up here, and we have lived here for 17 years now.

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I came home at lunchtime to beautiful sunshine so "mistakenly" thought I'd remove the tarpaulin I've got over the girls run so they could have some sunshine!! Spent ages tying it down cos it was quite blustery. Went back in house, had cup of coffee. 1pm thought well better get back to work. Opened the front door to a torrential downpour the like of which I haven't seen for ages :shock:


Me being me thought oh god poor chickens!! Dived back outside into the back garden to cover up the run again. The girls were going mad making a heck of a noise - I can't say I was particularly overjoyed at it either :shock: Spent 2 minutes in the pouring rain trying to untie the flipping cover and tie it back on again. Then had to rush straight back to work as my lunch hour was well and truly over.


Walked into the office to howls of laughter - I looked as if I had had a shower fully clothed. Coat, trousers, shoes, jumper all soaked through. Hair dripping wet - not even towel dry :lol:


I ended up spending 15 minutes with the fan heater from under my desk on top of the desk trying to dry my hair!!


All for the love of my girls!!! Does this make me a good chicken mummy or just nuts? :think:

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I thought the roof was going to come off last night, so windy!


Just spoken to OH who flew back from Amsterdam this morning and it was a nightmare flight. Really windy!


He has just landed in Geneva and they had an aborted landing (don't read this TheHerd :wink: ) whereby they couldn't land as the wind was too strong. They had a 'go around' and landed after a few minutes.


It seems that the whole of Europe is suffering from the gales.


Just been out to see the girls and its bitterly cold out there. Time to fish out my beanie hat and chop down a dead apple tree, ready for the new eglu 8)

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