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The Dogmother

Poorly Biscuit

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My boy couldn't put his weight on his front right leg last night and it looked swollen; I booked a just-in-case appointment at the vet for this morning, hoping that I would be able to cancel it when he turned out to be OK after a rest.


He wouldn't let me near his leg to feel for a break, he felt hot and wasn't eating (VERY unusual for him!). Off to the vet we went... turns out that he has a minute wound on that leg and the start of an abcess. He's had an anti-B and anti-inflammatory jab, I have more syringes at home to inject him with and we'll see how he goes. I expect the abcess to well up and burst, so I'll keep an eye on it and bathe it with salt water when it does.


poor lad must be in such pain :(




This picture is from when he was younger - his eyes are much more orange now.

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He is handsome Clare :shock:


If he is on anti b injections it will probebly start to go down tomorrow :?


You are lucky the vet will let you have jabs for home :wink:


I had to take chips in before I went out to Spain because of an abcess and she would not give me jabs so in the end he only got three days of antis as the person looking after him couldn't get him to take the last two pills where I would have jabbed him before I left which would have lasted longer :roll::roll::roll:

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he's a beautiful boy (cream tabby) and normally so good natured, but he's a nightmare to give pills to and I've ended up lacerated in the past, so jabs are easier. I had to inject the dog when she was very old and poorly and the chooks too in the past.


I've got two syringes, loaded to give him; one on Sunday and the other on Tuesday. I hope the abcess comes up soon and gives him some relief. he's a cuddly big jessie and loves his mum to bits, so I am missing my cuddles.

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I am the same Clare but the last time I had to go in I had no time to go to Peebles which is where they used to go before I moved to where I am now and the vet in Galashiels refused to give me jabs no amount of its my animal and I can do what I want to him would work and then the pills got wasted anyway :evil:


I don't think we will go back there again :lol:


It is alot easier if I just do it myself :roll:


Chips is such a jessie if he would let me lance and drain it would not be a problem but he is having none of it wjhen in pain and I even have to sneak up on him to give him an injection I wait till he is asleep :lol:


Maybe it is a posh coloured tabby thing as he is a silver one :?

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Normally Biscuit is very good natured - no growling or hissing at all, but tablets really get him going and he lacerates everything in sight. Even Phil, who is used to being my 'vet's nurse' doesn't like holding him like that. Biccie doesn't even notice jabs though


He seemed perkier at lunchtime and had eaten something... then chucked it up on the kitchen floor! :shock: he's big, strong and very hardy so he'll be fine.


His mum is a pedigree british blue, who got knocked up by the local tom - an enormous cream tabby just like him. Biccie's two sisters were blue, he was the most enormous kitten I'd ever seen!

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Awwww poor little love - he is gorgeous!

Our Holly had a wound on her leg last year. We think a bite from a Magpie as she has had her nose bit by the magpies before! It was a nasty wound and never healed as it became full of pus. We tried mediwrap on it, but she wouldn't keep it on. So we used to bathe it twice daily with salt water & dab some green cream on it called - vetzyme vet ointment! It worked brilliantly! We bought this from our local pet food supplier. Good stuff!


Hope biscuit feels better soon.



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oh what a beautiful boy (Piper is very interested, she would keep him company in the cold dark nights :lol: )


sorry he's not feeling very well. I remember when Piper broke her foot (very amusing as the vet put a big blue pot on it, she couldnt jump and we had to put her bed on the floor) she hated not being able to snuggle up properly and gets grumpy when she is under the weather. awww bless


hugs to you and pussy cat snuggles to the boy




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Biscuit thanks you all very much for your concern - he seems alot better, although his tummy is a bit dodgy from the jabs; the swelling has gone down and he is licking the wound clean as it leaks and is looks OK to me. I'll get Phil to hold him later so that I can have a proper inspection.


I knew he was feeling better this morning when he landed on my chest as usual, snuggled his nose up under my neck and purred to me 8):D


Cathy - he'd probably like Piper - he gets on well with most cats.

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Ooh Claret he's gorgeous! Welly sends sympathetic purrs, he has had several abscesses and knows all about them.


I have never been offered the chance to give injections, but I don't think I could do it anyway. Luckily Wellington is a big softie and scoffs antibiotics up if they are disguised with a bit of tuna or cheese, but my old cat was a nightmare - even the vet struggled to get her to swallow pills!


Hope Biscuit is on the mend now, well done for spotting it - I am constantly checking for swellings, as the last abscess he had burst before I noticed it :oops:


I got the stain off the sofa eventually :wink::vom:

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