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favorite film

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Only 3 :shock::shock::shock:


The Shawshank Redemption


The Adventures of Priscilla,Queen of the Desert


William Shakespeares Romeo & Juliet




With honourable mentions to-

4 weddings, Love Actually,Pushing Tin, 7 Brides for 7 brothers, Some Like It Hot, Its a Wonderful Life,Sideways, The Truman Show,Armaggedon,The Matrix,Momento,Jarhead, Mouiln Rouge,Harry Potter,Bruce Almighty,As good as it gets,Little Miss Sunshine,The Day After Tomorrow,Mediterraneo,Casino Royale,Goldeneye,...................................


Sorry,got carried away there!


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3 favourite films (so many to choose from!)


1-Amelie (or to give it its full title 'Les Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain')


3-Pretty Woman


that's really difficult because I'm a film buff and love tons and tons of films

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Only three, Hmmmmmm


THE PASSENGER will always be my favourite film, its a Jack Nicholson thing :)


ANGELS IN AMERICA - 7 hours long, brilliant, brilliant.


HAROLD & MAUDE - a film to watch if you are feeling down in the dumps :)



4 weddings and a Funeral is a near perfect film and would be in my

top ten list if it wasn't for that American actress Andie sombody :?: who

is just wrong wrong wrong :(



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1. Highlander (I used to know the whole film and annoyed everyone by reciting it every time the film was on)


2. the Princess Diaries (both - very girly, I know)


3. the Princess Bride


and loads more

grease, chicago, love actually, terminator, star wars, most disney, shrek,


I'm obviously a very unstable child at heart :lol:

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we go thru phases of choosing a country then choosing a few films from that country as we find UK and American cinema so, well, cheesy and predictable on the whole (of course there are exceptions!)


When we were going through our Japanese/Korean phase we saw a really poignant, heartbreaking war film about the North/South Korean war, there are parallels with 'Band of Brothers' and 'Saving Private Ryan' but I thought it was an incredibly moving and well directed/shot film.


If you like war films and don't want the usual 'the yanks save the day' type of war film, try and get a copy- in English its title is "Brotherhood of War" (or something like that)


***edit**** in Korean it's "Taegukgi hwinalrimyeo"

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[The Sound of Music is my favourite film.

I also like Love Actually


I have never seen The Sound of Music, and it's gonna stay that way :)


I am amazed that so many of you liked Love Actually :shock::shock:

I thought it was a truly awful film, cheesy beyond, I was v.disappointed

as I had hoped it was going to be funny and clever like 4 Weddings




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