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Evening treats

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started letting the girls free range yesterday, and today I have been sitting inside the patio door feeding them saultanas as an evening treat. They will eat them out my hand, but peck my hand :cry:


Put Buffy got very friendly and wanderd in the house for a nose around and crouched down for me to stroke her :)


Here are a few pics including one of our new girl Dippy.




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The top left is the Columbine (hopefully blue egg laying hybrid) she has a lot of blue to her showing the arucana roots, and ginger front and gold head, a real mixture.


The all over blue is the Bluebelle hybrid, shes a big full fugured bird, very outgoing, will happily eat out my hand, and peck my little uns fingers when he pokes them through, thinking they are worms.


They are a really friendly lot, I cant believe how in 2 days they have totally accepted the new girl like she was there all along.

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