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Bird Flu....again

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oh noooooooooo

i was out at diss last week collecting something from someone who has chooks.

then we went to Banham zoo near diss, where there are loads of bantams.

i was only thinking last night that seeing as the migration is probably at its peek i had better not let the girls free-range and double mesh the run. just to be sure there is not any contamination. unfortunately there is a free-range chicken farm in my village not far from me. that is where my eggs have been coming from seeing as none of my nine girlies have decided to lay yet.

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This appears to be the latest news - not BM this time, a free range turkey farm. :( But still waiting for test results. I just hope they don't try to make an example of this - I'm concerned that free range farmers will be penalised, whereas the big, intensive farmers like BM are allowed to resume trading and stock movement as early as possible in the name of commerce :? Or is that just cynical? :roll:

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