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What's the latest or earliest time...

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... that anyone has posted at?

Well I can't sleep. AGAIN!! :roll: I tried counting sheep but the border collie had already rounded them up :lol: Perhaps I should have tried counting chickens instead.


Grr. I'm shattered now!! And it's not as if I haven't got work in the morning!!


Hey ho. I've been down here an hour now checking what's been going on on the forum so back up the stairs I go :lol:


Wish me luck :pray:


Nighty Night x

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come on Clare - you can't say that then not tell the whole story! Come on, spill!!


Mrs B


:lol::lol: I'd caught the car vandaliser who was targetting our street; I heard him weaving drunkenly i up the road in the wee hours, kicking all the cars and smashing windows on his way. I called the police, leant out of the window to give them a good description and direction. 15 mins later, one of my sarge mates called to say that he was on his way round to take a statement and get a look at the cars he'd kicked. To get the kettle on and make myself decent! I was up until 3am sorting it out. :roll: His PC mate ended up babysitting while Tony and I sent up the road with a torch inspecting cars; luckily I knew who most of them belonged to and could put notes through their doors. Theh bloke resisted arrest and was taken for assaulting an officer as well, it also turned out that he'd skipped a court appearance in Cardiff, so was shipped off there when we'd finished with him. :roll:


Story told :lol:

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I'm usually on every night up until about 1am - last night I think me and Couperman were up late together :shock::lol:


If they did not live in different parts of the country (or should I say different countries?) then I would want to know more about this too!


Clare, you do have some adventures!

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What a fantastic result, I like it when a good job comes together - mind you, he probably got a fine, which he'll pay out of his unemployment benefit at 50p a week for a hundred years and 3 hours community service which he won't turn up for, a warrant will be issued, two police officers will then spend probably ten hours or more on and off searching for him to arrest him at about £15 an hour each before he goes back to court having been overnight in a police cell eating good food, being brought cups of tea and coffee, costing the public about £175 in overnight expenses then receiving another fine which again, will come out of benefits paid for by tax payers like you and me. Now that's what I call justice!! :shock:


(sometimes I think I'm too cynical for this job! :lol: )


Mrs Bertie

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Sheila and Lesley are the resident insomniacs. I once joined Sheila online while I was waiting for the police to come round in the small hours :?


I don't think we are now....... I gave up coming in here on my way to bed around midnight, when Martin was making hundreds of posts and sending hundreds of PM's at the same time :lol:

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