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First bluey

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Congratulations! Blue eggs are lovely aren't they! All three of my blue egg layers are in production now - Ruby and Bambi lay lovely blue and blue/green eggs. Rosie lays ...... a beige egg :? Not even a pastel egg, it's a bog standard, brown egg. From the chicken with more face furniture than Father Christmas :roll:

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I did wonder if Clover was laying beige eggs too, as when we got them home from the farm she was sitting on a beige egg.

Of my 4 new hens,I have Clover laying blue (not sure how old she is.but she squatted today for the first time too), Bramble should lay dark brown & Fern & Bracken beige.

I know 2 more are laying,& I am getting a nice speckly beige & a smooth beige from them, but I am not certain its the 2 that should be laying beige eggs,as I have yet to catch them in the act.


Confusing,isn't it?

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Lovely Cinnamon


I would love some blue eggs


They are so lovely, I don't know whether I could use them though. I would hate to spoil them


Will have to wait a while now though I think we have enough girls at the moment and introductions are not my favourite thing


Our girls get on quite well now so don't want to rock the boat again for a while

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