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The Good Life !!!!!!!!!!!!

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A few of you already know that we've been hatching a plan over the last week and I've decided to 'tell all' - even if it eventually doesn't happen as we would like.


It's a long story - bear with me :roll:


Last Thursday I had to go and pick Jake up from school, it was grey, damp and cold and I couldn't face walking but felt very guilty about taking the car. I decided that after I'd picked him up I would drive round to the little Farm Shop in the village so that I wouldn't feel so guilty.


We didn't really need anything but I thought I might as well get some cabbages and I could hang them up for the girls. So I picked Jake up and off we went to paddle in the muddy yard and collect some cabbage.


The farmer turned up and as we both keep chickens we had a chat about them all and then I asked if he had a field to rent where we could keep two pigs. One thing led to another and he told me of a very local, small farm that was for sale :shock: We've been looking for a property with land for some time but we were limited because we nedd to stay in this area.


I drove past it with Jake - phoned Carl and told him to leave work immediately, go and find a copy of Farmers Weekly and come home :? He did, and we found the advert, had a look at it online and fell in love with it :wink:


We went to see the property last Friday morning, put in an offer Friday afternoon, which was accepted, and have spent all this week having our house valued ready for a later sale and trying to set up finance for this farm.


It is the only way we can do it because if we can't have the farm then our house isn't for sale. The finances are complex but we are 99% there as of 6.30pm :D We cannot do anymore but wait for a decision on Monday. We've played every card we have - but if it doesn't happen then it isn't meant to be :?


This was the last thing we expected and as Accountants it couldn't have happened at a worse time :roll: We've been juggling all our clients Tax affairs ready for 31st January deadlines as well as sorting out our own stuff.


We haven't eaten properly in over a week and feel permanently sick (any food parcels welcome :D )


Just thought you might like to know................... :?

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Jealous, jealous, jealous....

Now I've got the second eglu i want more!! That has always been our dream, to have a smallholding with ducks, geese, chooks (of course), pigs and alpacas.

Good luck, Lesley, all bits crossed for you, keep us posted.....

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Oh, Lesley, how exciting for you and Carl. I do hope it all works out for you, what a fantastic opportunity :P . Bad luck about the timing though, fingers crossed that you manage to get everything done in the time... and manage to eat as well.

Do keep us informed, I can't wait to hear how it all goes for you.

I'm not really envious... oh, well, just a tiny bit . Such a fabulous and exciting venture, and I can really see you and Carl making a real success of it.

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Thank you everyone - I knew you would all be positive for us. I was a bit despondent this afternoon - we really didn't want to spend another weekend in excited limbo :?


It is 8 acres so plenty of room for an Omlet get-together - and goats!


The farm where we collect our chicken feed from has Alpacas and goats as well as beautiful Buff Orpingtons :D


We could spend the time worrying and then still be disappointed if we don't get it but I'e decided I'd rather spend the waiting time dreaming - at least I'll have a fairly nice time that way. The end result will be the same -and I've just about managed to persuade Carl to do the same.


Last Saturday he was so down about it all that I nearly ran out of M&S to lie down in front of the next bus :roll:

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Awww, bless the lad! It's what he's wanted though - is he being a ninny?


I really, really hope that it comes off for you Lesley - I'd love to come up and help out if you need a hand occasionally, and I htink that you'd have to beat most of us off with a stick too :roll:


The Omlet lads will be sooo jealous.

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That is just fantastic news.


I would absolutly love to have the chance to do what you have!


very good luck with the purchase. I do not envy you on that front.. house buying is stressfull enough.


I am friends with a very good property soliciter if your interested.

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Lesley, that is so exciting - really hope it all works out for you. As you say, if it doesn't it's not meant to be.


Our plans to visit the in-laws have now had to change to the weekend of 18/19th Feb so if you are around we would love to come and visit.


Will pm you nearer the time.


Good luck

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