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What Is The Best Looking Breed?

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Out of the ones you've chosen I LOVE the buff orpington and did have them on my wish list. But the Aracauna's lay blue eggs I think and I would LOVE some of those too. Then again, the Wyandottes are beautiful and the Dorkings look like "proper" hens. I also love our Speckledy who is like an 18th century painting of a hen, all fat and big and stern looking!

But I will also add that our next "ladies" are going to be ex-batts, was hoping to get them this weekend, but am having to wait til the January rescue. SO, our next hens won't be fat or fluffy or beautiful, but probably scrawny, bald and completely gorgeous!!

So, I hope that helped! :?:shock:


Mrs Bertie

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Well I have the Wyandotte (Bantam version) a Buff Orpington (Miniture also) and very nearly bought an Arucana while I was at it. I was taked out of the arucana as they guy said they arnt great for beginers and are flightly and rarly go hand tame and are more likely to get bullied.


My silver laced Wyandote is very outgoing dispite her small size and is second in the pecking order and behaves rather like a Cock, chasing the others around, I do find her to be the noisiest of the girls and again she wont let me go near her as she is rather fast and is the only one I havent had a cuddle from yet but this will hopefully improve as she matures.


My fav by far is my Orp, she is stunning, a lovely ball of feathers, she is so cute to watch bumbling around and is a real personality, and will happily wander into the house to say hello and have a cuddle, very friendly. Makes no noise and does the least harm to the garden.


So I guess it depends on what other factors you need to take into consideration. And yes I would opt for introducing two, especailly seing as most of those you have chosen are not outgoing breeds and will have dificulty standing up for themselves against all the others.

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BUFF ORPINGTONS are gorgeous! :)


Wyandottes are also very pretty.


Im biased though, cos I think my cochins are VERY pretty!!! :lol:


I was thinking cochins! It depends on what you find attracrtive in a bird, funky hair dos, or interesting colouring.


Im a sucker for fluffy dumplings, so Cochins, Orps, Brahmas and Pekins

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I am building a run over christmas and want to get a fith hen :D


i want to get a really nice looking, and friendly breed breed :roll::roll:


i was thinking of these few










I Cant Decide :x:x:?



I was just looking at your album - the dates on the most recent photos read 01/01/70....!!!! :shock: Your girls are looking good for 37 year-olds!!!! :lol:

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I love the Dorking, I've never seen one before.

I like quite a few Feemc hatched. I like the Wheaten and silver wheaten marans.



My Welsummer is very pretty and adorable, but neurotic spooky personality.


there's a silver duckwing variety


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How did I miss this thread?


Silver Dorkings are lovely - great big birds and really nice. But I would have to say;


Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington Orpington


and look at the other Orp colours, I love the splashed and the blue.





And if you like Buff, the Buff Sussex are very pretty;



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Well if you are looking at Friesian Fowl, you also have to consider the Gold Campine. Bella has laid pure white eggs consistently throughout the year. In fact she's only about 10 eggs behind the gingernuts! And she's very friendly, as you can see (although I don't normally encourage her to visit the kitchen!)


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