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Yesterday my daughter let the chickens out into the garden - but forgot to tell us. :roll: We weren't going to let them out as it was raining so much. We had no idea they were out, so didn't go down to lock them away. Foxes have had all 4 of them overnight. They have taken the heads of Sky & Jade & left them in the garden. These were the best chickens ever, they laid every single day & were really friendly too. :(

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Oh thats horrid, your poor daughter, I lost most of mine too at christmas, my friend was looking after them whilst I was away & he could not get them back in to the run, fox had 3 out of 4, i haven't seen him since, he's on his hols but I must try & catch up with him poor chap is feeling terrible.

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We live backing on to a school where there is a family of foxes and they do come into our garden.We just got our girls yesterday and this must be a warning to all of us.I'm so sorry that this has happened and it makes me worry about letting the girls out of the run but I do think they should have the chance to free range.To think I used to enjoy seeing the fox coming into the garden !

Good luck. GNR Ivy

PP Mavis

(green eglu)

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What bad luck to lose all four :( . I'm so sorry. How old is your daughter, out of interest? I'm sure she feels awful whatever age she is :( .


She's 9. Well 10 next month. The chickens have a big run on their pen which is fox proof, but sometimes we let them into the garden.

She knows that some days the chickens are out all day, or sometimes for a few hours after work. She thought she would be kind & collect the eggs & let the girls out for a mooch around, but just forgot to say so. But we usually go down & check anyway as we have cat pens in the garden & usually go down to the cats at night & put the chooks to bed. It was extremely heavy rain that night & I was down the cat pen showing a lady some cats, but as the rain was so heavy, I didn't go to the chickens, as I didn't think I needed to. Didn't think they'd been out at all that day.


I did hear a really bad scuffle at 2.30am & at first thought it was cats fighting, then realised it wwas foxes screaming. Thought they were mating / fighting, never even thougt of the chooks & I went straight back to sleep. :oops:


We are getting some Black Rocks & Calder Rangers soon.


I love Calder Rangers.

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