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The delivery waiting game.

When will our new fridge turn up?  

28 members have voted

  1. 1. When will our new fridge turn up?

    • between 9 an 11
    • between 11 and 1pm
    • between 1 and 3
    • between 3 and 5
    • between 5 and 7
    • not at all

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I have had to take the day off to wait in for a new fridge freezer that we ordered early December on a five day delivery! :evil:


The delivery company have been gracious enough to offer me an 11 hour delivery slot 7am-6pm. 2 hours down, 9 to go!


Anyway as a bit of fun I thought I would do a poll to see when you think it will turn up!



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Don't you just hate it when you have to wait around all day for a delivery - especially when it doesn' t turn up. Our village seems to be on the end of everyone's delivery schedules, so if something is going to turn up, it will probably be about 6pm (but you can't go out earlier, just in case - luckily we work from home, so it isn't so much of an issue!)


Good luck with your fridge - hope it turns up, or you will have to charge for loss of earnings :D

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I think we need more info so we can make an informed decision:


* Is there anything else you have to do today, dentist appointment etc that you'll miss waiting in for it?

* What time would you normally get home from work?

* Have you confirmed that your fridge is actually on today's delivery schedule?

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Which store is it coming from Kev......... and who is delivering it?........ that might help with the guesses :lol:


It was ordered from Tesco Direct but is being delivered by Samsungs logistical contractor from darn sarf!


Cathy has already been to Tesco's to complain about the two month '5 day' delivery and has demanded some compensation as we had to make different plans for Christmas (we didn't but they weren't to know that).


I did ask the delivery company if they could give me an hours notice of when they were in the area. There is no way it can be done!


I did explain several easy ways that it could be and is done, all to no avail.


Oh well, at least the ladies get an extra day to play out.



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...he might not hear the doorbell Egluntine :lol:


Do you think he knows that he won't be able to go to the toilet?......... feed the hens?........


all day.... and it still won't turn up!!!! :lol:




Run a bath.


The minute you sink into the water the doorbell will ring and it will be here!


Then you can play with the hens for the rest of the day!


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I voted between 5 and 7pm.

It'll be murphy's law that if you have loads to do away from the home, it will turn up right at the end of the day...or not at all! and you are left fuming about the waste of a day, that you could have gone out etc BUT if you quite fancy lounging about all day, it will come early and force you into doing something. :lol: Always what happens to me :roll:

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I voted between 3-5, thinking nearer the 5 than the 3.


Good luck with the new fridge, I still can't forget our fiasco with JL and our fridge - so in readiness I suggest editing the poll to include the option that it will be delivered but damaged so it will have to go back and you still won't have your new fridge....but that's just me :wink:






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Well, here's a suprise......................
































It came this morning, I have been otherwise engaged plumbing it in and setting the thing up.


It is MASSIVE! probably too big but hey I can gets loads of beer in it! :wink:


It also has a water dispenser and ice maker; crushed or cubed madam? It even has a Gucci little access flap in the door so you can get to your beer without having to open the door.


It's super efficient 'A' rated too!


So on the whole I like it!




Oh, by the way we were all wrong about the time!




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