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Easter Present!

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Carl got up to let all the prisoners out and I watched from upstairs to see them all come out, then went to have a shower.


Next thing - Carl burst into the bathroom shouting "come quick!" and dragged me out :shock: . I managed to grab the biggest coat I could see on my way past - thankfully, the neighbours are away.


There it was - in the middle of the run - Mindy's first egg!



and a nicer photo..............

of two unconcerned ducks wondering where this strange object had come from.............


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Best easter prezzie. Am in love with your ducks, even without there heads in the pic. Think may have to get another eglu and get some some ducks. Not sure what the huibbie will say!! Never forget my girls first egg. Felt quite emotional when I found it (how sad!). :D

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