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For those who know me

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you may know that i have been in and out of hospital for various operations.. well i think i may have just had my last one!


Im tucked up in bed. It seems my appendix has been slowly poisoning me over the last few years, and had caused my bowel to fuse to my other organs. I had a big operation yesterday and had my bowel and organs surgically separated, and my appendix removed.. so hopefully im on the mend


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Oh Kaz, you have been through the mill and back recently haven't you.


I hope you are getting lots of TLC. Will have that soft armchair all fluffed up for you and a blanket and a slice of cake and nice cup of tea together with a good book for you. Infact...I can hear Sheila putting the kettle on already :wink:


Best Wishes for a speedy recovery xxx

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Just to encourage you a friend had simliar surgery for a different reason about 6 months ago and whilst it took her a few months to be fully back on her feet she's great now. Hopefully all will be well with you soon. Take care

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:shock: How horrible, Kaz, I hope you make a good recovery. As Nicola says, it must be a relief to finally have this sorted out, after causing you such trouble for a while.

But, a big op. so sending you all my best wishes, I can see I'll be up late with the bedtime stories again. :)

Will be thinking of you xx :)

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