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Cate in NZ


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I found a website today, http://www.yourenotme.co.uk/ you type in your name and it tells you how many people in the country share your name. I didn't expect to find too many people sharing my name, but was shocked to get this:

You don't exist. Go and look in the mirror. If you see something then we're wrong else you're some kind of magic pixie, elf, carrot or vampire. Sorry.

I'm not real :shock: I'm quite upset- I think I'm real :roll: Oh, and I didn't make up my name- I typed in my genuine name.

Do you all share your name with lots of other people.... or is there someone else out there who is also a pixie, elf, carrot or vampire with me.

(I'm so much more a pear than a carrot, IYKWIM)

edit just checked, neither of my children exist either :shock:

Hubby is unique- I always said he was one on his own :roll: He gets this response:

You are unique. You are one with the angry Squirrel. Shout 'I am the unique. I am unified with the badger overlord.' People will run away. That's because they're jealous. JEALOUS..


I'm not jealous. I can't possibly be, I don't exist :roll::roll::wink:

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848.... :shock:


"I laugh at you with your strangely common yet weirdly uncommon name. Eh! make me put it down then. Come on! You've got strawberry bon-bons? Why didn't you say. Neeep"



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Me: 2


Him Indoors and No1 Son (Same name...very unimaginative) 8


Daughter 5


No2 Son doesn't exist apparently although he is as large as life and I know of one other person with the same name who lives near a friend of mine but is no relation even though we have an unusual surname. If you see what I mean.

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Well, I'm unique too! :D I always knew I was! 8)


There are 46 of my OH :shock: , 7 of my DD1. DD2 doesn't exist! There are 5 of DD3 and 40 of DS.


DS had a quotation no-one has posted yet on this thread (I think)

I like this number. It's somewhere between here and over there. I wish I was there rather than here. Any Invites?. Well done keep it up. P.S. Watch out for the robots.

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