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seriously funky chicken

DEATHS IN THE FAMILY...... *sniff*

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For approximately a year and a half we have had two 'beautiful' chickens. We loved them very much, and they made us very happy!


Unfortunately recently trauma has struck, and those two chickens are no more....


In the late hours of thursday 16th november the fox that likes to roam nearby decided that the chickens looked like a pleasing snack. In the early hours of the next morning, whilst going down to feed the chickens, we discovered a battle scene; feathers strewn over the floor and on the floor of the (empty) eglu run, for there were no chickens to be seen.... The fox had clearly gone for a dig under the run :shock:


This is a terrible trauma for us, as my mother was finally realising that she quite liked them after all :cry:


Are we the first to be foxed in the foxproof run..... or is it really foxproof...?


much love from



and geo

and amanda

and adrian

who have and (green eglu) but no GNRGNR:boohoo:

x o x

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Terrible for you :cry:


As Clare said, do send some photos to James. The guys will want to know how the fox got in. The only other one we know of was situated on very soft ground and the fox dug in at the junction between the run and the eglu, which I suppose was the shortest route.


I do hope you'll get some more hens, please don't let this put you off :!:

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The only other one we know of was situated on very soft ground and the fox dug in at the junction between the run and the eglu, which I suppose was the shortest route.



Yes, that's where it got in - and they were sitting on quite uneven muddy ground which would have been softer. It's hard to have chickens without having an uneven ground though!! We did move the run around, but apparently that wasn't enough to keep them safe! :(



anna X


and the (green eglu)

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So sorry again, but just to echo what has been posted above: It would have been a quick way to go and you need not punish yourselves too hard: You weren't to know.

Please don't give up keeping chickens: You may just have to re think what you keep your girls on: lots of people use paving slabs over the skirting of their Eglus. I have a fox watch, which I believe works. Do try and think positively about what happened to you.

best wishes

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Everyone is being so sympathetic. The reality is that I have a neighbour who feeds the foxes and nurtures them when they are ill. Almost every morning we have two very large and healthy foxes lurking around our garden or hers. They are getting really tame too - and although they retreat to a polite distance - they aren't that phased by us any more.

One morning I was hanging the washing out with a fox curled up asleep in the middle of the lawn barely 12 feet from where I was standing.


My neighbour is devastated and blames herself - though truth be told her feeding them has probably extended our chickens lives. There are so many foxes in South London, that I am sure this will happen again - I am amazed we have managed a year and a half.


As we feel right now we probably won't replace them.



Our hamster had to be put down on monday as well!! Not a good week.

(green eglu)

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Really sorry to hear about your losses. I sort of know how you feel because we lost Matilda to a fox 10 days ago. We must have disturbed our fox because it left without Matilda, but she died soon after, and Georgina was injured but is making a good recovery now. I have been looking into the Fox watch deterrant and have found 2 other ones available from www.taylorsgardenbuildings.co.uk One is the Pestban Twin Speaker Animal Deterrent which is Mains operared and £25.99 and an aditional £10.00 for the PIR motion detector which when activated increases the signal. The other is a Cordless PIR Animal Deterrent at £19.99 and is battery operated only. Ihave read that mains operated ones are up to 30% more effective soit seems like a better option. Apparently they take up to a month to take affect.

These are both considerably cheaper than the fox watch at £46.00. I dont know which one to get as yet but definatley intend to buy one of them and will post to let you all know how we get on.

Hope you do get more chickens, as they are lovely, even if I did find Henrietta sitting in my window box today eating the pansies!

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I am really sorry about your news :cry: . it is very easy to say, but think of the positive side. Your girls had a very happy life with you, something that most chickens never have.


It may be difficult to consider replacing them, but sometimes that is the best thing to do.


Whatever you decide I wish you all the best *hug*


Christian x x x

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I am sorry to hear of your news, but don't let the fox win!


We have urban foxes in our garden too. People have allowed them to breed in their gardens here, and think they are cute. There was even an article in the Oxford Times last week telling its readers how to attract foxes into their garden! It's a pity you can't sell animals on eBay, otherwise I would get a humane trap and sell foxes to people who think they are cuddly.


I would consider making a permanent base for your run so that it can be properly weighed down. Also put extra chicken wire around the Eglu run: I personally think the mesh is dangerously big.


Maybe it is best to wait for the spring. But don't give up.

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I've just got home from a weekend away and am very saddened by your news. How tragic. I have discovered a fox in our garden this week and am going to get a fox watch. I hope you consider getting one with some new chickens. I lost one of my girls last week - she had to be put down - and I felt like a right traitor replacing her with 2 new ones the same day - but I fell instantly in love and now it's like they've been here all along. Please don't give up!!!! ALso - due to the range the foxes could still be fed by your neighbour but just be deterred from your garden. You could use tent pegs to peg down the run to keep them safer too.


I'm so sad for you but please get some more chickens - you'll feel so much better than if you don't x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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Just seen this and I am very sorry about your losses. :( Good advice has already been posted.


Fox feeding is a problem and being in a rural area, with pheasant shoots, I was amazed that fox food is being sold in our garden centre!!! Our local game keeper is going to approach them. If you want to be proactive write to yopur local garden centres and politely ask them if they would re think this as the hen keeper pays the price or local papers. Just a thought.


We lost Buff recently through illness and it does help to think about new additions. You could wire under the entire run and eglu. We've positoned ours by fencing one side and used all manner of objects to make a dig very difficult. Our garden isn't fox proof though so there is a risk free ranging. Is a fox watch any use with our dog and cats?



Sorry again,


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