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Nicola H

It has arrived....

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My new Eglu that is........... :lol::lol::lol:


I am very happy it came a day early and the colour is very nice, I must say it is very different from my Mark 1 and quite a bit bigger ( I think I may be able to squeeze another 3 chickens in it...... :lol::lol: )


The girls and cat have checked it out and seem quite happy, but boy did the chickens make a noise when i took the old Eglu out of the run.


Moppett just giving it the once over while I unpacked it.........




Babs was first in closely followed by Ginger......




Then finally Bunty had a look........



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Congratulations, what a cool colour.


I wish I could afford a purple one.


Keep on saving Martin!!! You will get there in the end-You and I both did!!! And you never know, some second hand ones may come up after christmas!


Congratulations. I love it!!! Swap????? Only kidding!!! :lol:

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