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What to feed and not to feed your chickens!

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It's rather confusing knowing what treats to give our girls, isn't it?


Some go loopy for lettuce whilst others only swoon for sweetcorn!


We've had lots of suggestions from Eglu owners...


Chicken snacks


Custard Creams!!


What to feed the chickens


Demanding hens


Share and share alike


Cat food


Fussy Chickens


Water - problems with the peanut water feeder have led to quite a few postings. If you're looking for ideas or solutions, check out these links -




Water, water everywhere


Not Thirsty Like Me


Wondering if anything in the garden will give your girls bad stomachs??


Poisonous foods


poisonous plants


There's a good web link below, although bevare, its a bit daunting seeing all the poisonous plants!


poisonous plants


If you're wondering where to get your layers mash from, here are a few suggestions


Feed suppliers


and if that layers mash is causing you hassle, check out


Layer's Mash Mess


for some common sense advice on some good ways to serve it to your girls :D .

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Hi guest - great that you managed to rescue the frog. I'm afraid that is normal hen behaviour - they are descended from dinosaurs :shock:


Hopefully your frog population will learn to get out of the way quickly, or you might be able to train your hens to leave them alone. A bit of aversion therapy with a squirty water bottle has been used by other people to sort out noisy hens and won't hurt your hens at all.

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I find it hard to see chickens as bloodthirsty, just opportunists that would eat something if it happened to be there. Maybe my sweet little angels do it in secret.:twisted:


My chickens go nuts for pearl barley, it's bizarre they were really picky up to now and not enthusiastic about food, just eating layers mash and whatever they found. Now they go crazy and race to see who can peck it up the fastest. :lol:

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Can you mix the pellets? I.E. buy two or three different plellet mixes and combine them?


You can - not sure why you would want to do this though. :? Mine just get whatever's going at the feed merchants. They're on Spillers pellets at the moment.



Also, do they only come in 20Kg bags? Are there smaller qauntities?


They do - you can get 5kg bags from some places.

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the reason I was asking is because they all seem to have something that the others don't.....


The other reason I was asking is because I was thinking of mixing the bag of con mix with the pellets, and let the chooks have it available all day.


Unless they are total slaves to their stomach... Don't want them to end up looking like me :lol:

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I'm sure I read somewhere about feeding the chickens with cooked porridge ie made with water and then yoghurt added, serving it warm.


I feel sorry for the birds in this cold weather and fancy giving them something warm.


Do some add warm water to the pellets?

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I have been informed from someone on another forum that it is actually illegal to feed our chooks kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s, leftovers, whatever you want to call them by DEFRA. If anything goes through your kitchen then you can't give it to the chooks.


What exactly are the legal points on this and what, if anything, could someone do to me for feeding my chooks leftover pasta or even if I cook pasta especially for my chooks??


My girls are happy and healthy but I am confused :?

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I've heard that too, but understood (and am happy to be corrected) that this only held if you intend to sell your chooks' eggs or slaughter them to sell for meat.


Mine all have kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s.


Lesley might know - I know that she once said something to me about their pigs not being allowed kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s.

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Good to make use of melon seeds. I shall try that.


I think kitchen s"Ooops, word censored!"s might mean meat and that to throw out meat to chickens or to throw meat on the compost is a risk to health.


It would be good to know the facts and reasons behind them.

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I only know about the pigs really but I've also heard that about hens.


I find the DEFRA site very difficult to get any info. out of - just links to reports :roll:


I'm sure there must be something about it in Practical Poultry forum ? - I spent ages yesterday checking on possible casues for a poorly chicken - I daren't go back in there today :wink:

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