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Hello Sparklepants....


It's so easy to forget there are normal people out there! You'll soon be as mad as the rest of us if you stick around. Watch out for that Claret though - she's the maddest :wink: Lovely to have you with us, and I hope you get your chooks too. They are just brilliant. Ask anybody!


There is a Welcome Forum to let you know about bits and bobs, if you haven't seen it aleady.

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WELCOME :dance::dance: to the madhouse !! :lol::lol:


Keep trying to persuade your OH, took me about a month of doing this :wall::wall: and my constant nagging was met by a lot of this :talk2hand::whistle::talk2hand:


but after a while he got so fed up HE SAID YES !! :dance::dance:


chickens are easy to keep, fun, amusing, and a delight.....


both of you will not look back



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are you all mad lol!!! still deciding on the avatar at the minute so you lot will have to keep your pants on till then! :) thanks for the warm welcome am a chicken owner in waiting at the minute just gotta convince the other half first!


Welcome :D:D


Being mad is a requirement :D:roll::roll::D


'Mel (&Paul)' is brill at coming up with reasons (and extremely logical ones at that) why you need an eglu (or 2nd or 3rd.......) and they seem to work on OHs


Enjoy your time with us :D

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