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I Passed

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Yippeeee I passed my course and am now a qualified Massage therapist. Still got the paper work to complete, insurance to sort out etc but I'm fit to be let loose onthe unsuspecting public. :D

Just because I don't have enough stress in my life I've also started an aromtherapy course that will entitle me to register with the aromatherapy council when I've completed it :D

And just to make things even more interesting I'm looking into a Foundation Degree in Armoatherapy, the only problem is that I may need to leave work to do it and I'm not sure about that. I don't care that much for the job but love the people and it really would be dropping themin the doo doo if I left. Also it would mean a change, probable drop, in income (assuming I could work as a therapist whilst doing the degree) just as the boys are hitting the ages fro college etc. Really unsure as to what to do but I'll get to an idea at some point.


Anyway the main news is that I've passed this lot os exams so I should have some time to be back on the forum, provided Aromatherapy doesn't give me too much homework :wink:

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Brilliant Trish!


My friend Emma has just passed her massage course and has gone mobile. She bought herself a mobile couch - I think that's what she called the bed thing with a hole for your head - and she visits people in their homes. Until she's got enough money to open her own place, its a start. She also did reflexology too and I had the works last Tuesday evening. I floated up the stairs to bed. Bliss.


I wondered where you been for the last few weeks. Missed your woolly hat chook! :D


Good luck with everything. Great news

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:lol: That's just bought to mind the last Race for Life in our local park. People were lining up for massages at the end of the race, and it was such a funny sight to see rows of massage beds with flaked out women on them!


Can you get a fleet of beds for Jimmy's Weekend Trish! :D

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