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Only a couple more!....

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:D Well, having read about the new stock at Woodside Farm on CarolineP's topic yesterday, I just couldn't resist going along today, even though I still have 2 more Omlet hens due here next month too. :oops:

Was particularly tempted by the idea of a Fanning White as I've been desperate for another white layer since the day I bought little whitestar Posy & wished I'd got 2.

But, they didn't have any. :(

So, I came home with a Fenning Coucou & a Mendlesham Blue. Just off to do introductions & think of names. :D:D

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:D Thanks everyone. :D They are so cute! Admitted to Shep that I'm getting a cube, which means more hens, but didn't confess that 2 are here already. :oops:

I'll need to borrow an 11 year old to post pics, I'll see if I can persuade Esther. I haven't told her about the chooks yet, so there'll be a lot of :roll::roll: this w/e


They are sooooo sweet, chirping away until the bullies come along. I'm keeping the new pair in chickenolpolis all the time, some of the day with the others in there too. The older ones were very vocal :oops: but no feathers flying as the little ones just scarper. Then, I let the big ones out onto the lawn & Lavender & Bluebell can get used to their new home & feed in peace.


My main concern is the noise. The 3 biggest were jabbering non stop at the top of their voices telling me that there were imposters. Ssssssh! Please don't let the neighbours notice!


I hadn't worked out bedtime but it went well. When it was dark & the big ones were in the Eglus, I found Lavender on top of an Eglu & posted her inside.

Little Bluebell was roosting on a ledge under the Eglus, so I posted her inside the other Eglu.

Little cooing noises then all quiet, checked later, all quiet! 8)


I hope there's no early noise or violence, but it's been a great first day, I love them to bits already. :D:D:D

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..... I hope I didn't bully you into it? :?

They sound so lovely - do you know what colour egg they are supposed to lay?


:lol: Well, although I'm terrified of you :wink: , I went to Woodside of my own free will. :lol: But, thanks for the encouragement at the right time when I was feeling bogged down yesterday, chickens are so therapeutic!


They are both brown egg layers, one dark I believe. Sadly only brown layers available there yesterday.


No trouble in the Eglus overnight and now they are sensibly keeping clear of the others as much as possible.

The worst thing is the noise that the others are making. They'll all get evicted if they don't quieten down.

I'm keeping the newbies in hen garden all the time until they are settled as a flock. I can't wait for them all to go foraging & dustbathing together.

They are adorable :lol: , I just hope the others quieten down before the neighbours get :twisted: and :evil:

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:shock: WOW Sheila ... more hens :P . And to think you ummed and errred over getting Penny and Biscuit, all those years ago :wink::lol: .


Hope the newbies are getting on ok ..... and the ones to come settle quickly too. Sometimes when there are more hens to be introduced to, there is less pecking ... the adopted flock did not seem to notice my 3 last year when they went for a 10 day holiday. :roll::D .

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:D:D Thank you, everyone. Another peaceful night in the Eglu. This time Bluebelle had put herself to bed by squashing herself in the middle of 4 others. Lavender was on the ledge underneath again, so I popped her in with the other two, no problems.


However, the older ones, having found their voices, were making a racket at 6.10, the same time as yesterday. :oops::oops:

But, it wasn't even directed at the newbies this time (yesterday it was). There was either a cat or squirrel stumbling on the garden fence when I went out with a glass of water to aim) but I don't know if that was the cause, or coincidence. After that, anything started one or two off...I'm going to lay an egg, I've just laid an egg, etc. :oops:


There is certainly very little action directed at the newbies, which is brilliant. On the other hand, they are keeping their distance, and there is room for them to do this. So, no violence, but not integrated either. I'll feel better when I can let them all out as a flock together, but the young ones won't want to stay with the others yet & I'll never get them back in, so I'll wait the usual 5 days or so to be used to their surroundings.


So, at least the noise wasn't fighting, but I really need the hens not to wake up the neighbourhood. Agggh....


Esther doesn't like the hens, so no pics as yet. But I'm enjoying being able to pick up the tame little ones and they really are adorable. 8):D


Yes, Sarahjo, to think it all started with one pair & an Eglu, a few of us say that now! Penny & Chuckles are my original pair, Biscuit is slightly older, but adopted. Hence I didn't name her!! :lol: But it does suit her, Gingernut Biscuit.

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