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Cate in NZ

New Zealand- a bit of a jumbled post!!

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Not sure if I should be allowed on the forum in this mood, but what the heck, just doing a bit of sorting out my head on the forum. I just know that my forum friends will tolerate me :oops::wink::lol::lol:

This is all about New Zealand, where, most of you know I have recently been on holiday. This time last week I was on a plane (probably cursing Qantas at about this time, thoroughly uncomfortable first leg of the journey :evil: ).

Loved NZ, everything you've ever heard about it, clean, friendly, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, friendly people is right, and multiply that by about a 1000. Honest...... it's a fantastic country.

We planned a touring trip, flew into Auckland (not the capital, but pretty much the principal city nevertheless) and spent 3 days there, travelled down to Cambridge (on the map below it's on about highway 1 sign below Hamilton, just across from Te Awamutu) because we have friends there. Spent 2 nights with them, and visited Tauranga and it's beautiful beach at Mount Manganui, and also the Glow worm caves at Waitomo, saw a real life Kiwi (in captivity and half crazed I fear, but saw it nonetheless) with them. Then we went to Rotorua, followed by Whakatane and it's neighbouring beach at Ohope (wow, what an amazing beach, went on for miles and miles and almost deserted), then down to Gisborne (first city in the world to see the dawn of the new day) and across to Napier (Art Deco city, and right in the heart of wine making territory.... we simply had to test some :oops::oops: ......oh, and I met my penguins there :wink: ), up to Taupo, stunning scenery, very sporty, any sport you liked there, the more dangerous the better, the children did bungy :shock: & quad biking, we all tried jet boating, brilliant fun :D:D ), back to Cambridge to say goodbye, off to Hamilton, and back to Auckland for the flight home.

I have masses of photos, I'd crash the forum if I tried to post the lot, so I'll just post a few to give a flavour, starting with a map so you can see the route.



My son is in the right hand Zorb here, just about to be pushed down a hill in Rotorua



Not the best photo, but this pic was taken from the summit of an extinct volcano (Rangitoto island) in Auckland harbour, Auckland city is behind it.



Mission Bay, beautiful beach, 10 minute bus ride from Auckland, with son sulking on the wall :roll:



Ohope beach, we loved Ohope and neighbouring Whakatane (pronounced Fack-a-tarney.... be careful how you say it :lol::lol::lol: )



Gisborne........and me :oops:




Napier :D



Just outside Taupo



I really don't think the photos do the holiday or the country justice, but hopefully they begin to give a flavour.

So, why the odd intro, and mood :? The problem is that the entire reason for the trip (as some of you already know) is because hubby has a job waiting for him in NZ.......... if only his very difficult wife will get over her anxieties about leaving behind family, friends, chickens and moving 1/2 way across the world. Our Invitation to Apply for Residency papers arrived yesterday, we'd been approved in principle in January, but because these docs hadn't arrived it felt like a game, now we have 4 months to have medicals, police checks, part company with a lot of money etc, and if all's well we could be accepted and living in NZ by 2008 :shock: I'm still not entirely sure that it's what I want, so we're having a family BBQ this evening (with lots of NZ wine :wink: ) and a long discussion. Help. I don't know what I want to do, and we really are hitting make your mind up time :shock:

Wish me luck :wink:

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Oh Kate - what a decision to have to make, not easy I know!

No one can really advise you can they - it has to be a family decision in the long run. As long as you go into it with your eyes wide open as they say!


My brother emigrated to Canada last September - he and his family lived in the same village as us for the last 10 years and I miss them terribly. But they are making a new life for themselves and I would too if I were in the same position. I love the UK, but hate the politics - but sadly we have left it too late.


NZ sounds a wonderful place. My parents have just returned from 6 weeks over there and they loved it - better than Australia or the US for standards and quality of living.


Hard decision time! All the best with it :?8)

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Aw Kate, the photo's are lovely. :D


I know you have had this on your mind for eons. Funny how it doesn't really hit home until something "official" happens though, isn't it?


I don't envy you this choice, and certainly wouldn't urge you one way or the other: How could I?


Jonnie and I were offered to relocate to the Netherlands a while back. I LOVE Maastricht, have been there a few times, like the people and would have enjoyed the challenge: Its hardly far away is it? :roll:


When the push came to the shove though, we declined. We have our donkeys, dogs, chooks and beautiful house, which I still love. My parents are getting on, and Jon had fairly recently lost his Dad, and we didn't want to leave his mum...... it just wasn't the right thing to do, and I don't regret it, although often wonder "what if...."



Your situation is even more complicated isn't it, with children to consider too. Have you any idea what they really think about it?


Kate, these things are sent to make us better people. Trials, decisions and challenges are all part of what being human is I guess.... Animals have such simple lives... instinct only......


I am SURE you will make the right choice, even if you don't know what it is yet.....


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Wow, Kate. It looks every bit as amazing as I thought it would do. Thanks so much for posting the photos. It's lovely to see where you've been. As for the decision, you can only weigh up all the pros and cons then follow your hearts. I don't envy you having to make such a monumentous decision but everyone I know who has moved out there is totally sold on the NZ lifestyle and don't regret going.


Hope you're all able to make a decision which you're ALL happy with as there's nothing worse than one unsure person having to do something just because it's what everyone else wants. Good luck and let us all know what you decide :wink: .


Enjoy the wine :wink: .

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I am glad you had a good time Kate, & I have been thinking of you over there, knowing about your possible move.


If it were me I would go - I think if you don't then you will always think "what if......"

Did the children know about the posible move, or are you telling them tonight?


Good luck either way.Not an easy choice to make,but I am jealous as I would love to go there myself :lol:

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Kate what brilliant pics. NZ looks great............Like the others say you have to make the decision, I know what you mean though about it all feeling like a game up until now............You must be feeling very anxious......Good luck with your decision and at the end of the day you can always come back if you really don't like it, but give it a fair go first......

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8) LOVE the pics .... and I know it is a fab country, from the time my Dad spent there. A good friend of mine has just moved to Aus', and has taken one daughter .... the other finishing studies in Scotland, then joining them. My friend was the most stoich scots person, loyal to her country etc, and was the last person I would EVER imagine moving abroad .... she LOVES it, and so do her daughters and hubbiie. She did not have a job, neither did her husband, but youngest had a place at uni. She now sells botox (used to be a drug rep here) and is having a ball. :P .


Make the decision together ... and cover all what ifs now .... you might only have one chance at this. You will come to the right decision as a family ... but do think about what you really want too :!:


Best wishes ......

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Wonderful pictures.


Him Indoors and me (grammar?) were only saying the other day that if we were starting out now.....we wouldn't want to be doing it in the UK...with crime, the NHS, education and all the rest of it....no longer a place to be bringing up a family....We would both have gone to Oz or New Zealand.

My sister and her family went to Oz 2 years ago. They have absolutely no regrets, the education system is much better they reckon, and they are very happy.


The world is a much smaller place, and visiting is not the trek it was when people went over on the £10 passage!


If it was me...I'd be packing my bags now!




Best of luck....so much to take into consideration.

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WOW!!! :shock:


What stunning pictures and what a huge decision you now need to make!


There are obviously positives and negatives no matter which choice you make and i dont envy to be in your position right now but im sure you will come to the right decision for you and your family - enjoy the BBQ, wine and discussion! :D:D

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Oh Kate, I do feel for you. Whilst the thought of emigrating is an exciting adventure - and why are there no exciting adventures in MY life! - I am also grateful that I don't have to make such a hard decision.


Just a few thoughts which I hope might be helpful for you:


With the type of work your husband is in, is there any room for making a return transfer in a few years time if you really regret going?


Don't drink so much wine that you'll say yes to anything! :roll::roll::D


PLEASE voice your feelings, doubts and worries, also your positive thoughts. I am assuming the other 3 all want to go, but I could be wrong. If you talk about your worries, they can reassure you; they can take on board how you feel without regarding you as a misery guts; they can feel more able to speak their worries (cos they must have them) and you can all hopefully work together to come to a decision.


I have been waiting to hear about what you choose for such a long time. Please come back and let us know what you decide! I'll certainly be thinking of you this evening.


Lots of love


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Sorry I didn't get back on yesterday, too much wine and discussion.

Decision made, with a bit of compromise, hubby goes when the job happens but will postpone it as late as possible, son will complete his GCSE's in June 08, and the children and I will go out there. Too many risks educationally in removing him so close to his exams. So I still have a year here :D . A lot can happen in a year :wink:

I still have a lot of doubts, not entirely comfortable with the decision, but hey ho, loads of time to come to terms with it, both for me and the extended family.

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Just seen this post. Excellent photos Kate :D I love New Zealand, I have been twice, once when I was three so no real memories and then again a couple of years ago. We are hoping (depending on finances) to go again either this year or next year.


What a tough decision to make about moving there :? . My grandparents emigrated over 30 years ago taking my uncle (age 18 at the time) with them. They moved to a place north of Wellington.


My Mum, who was 22, decided to stay in the UK on her own. I don't think she regrets her decision not to go - I certainly wouldn't be here if she had :lol: - but it was hard for her to not have any family around and it was really hard for my grandparents to leave their daughter behind and travel to the other side of the world. Of course there weren't such advanced communications in those days and telephone calls cost an arm and a leg so I think she only spoke to them a couple of times a year.


They have had a wonderful life in NZ and have no regrets however they have had to come to terms with the fact there is no nipping to the UK for birthdays, weddings, funerals etc. My brother has been sent to funerals (for people he doesn't know :lol: ) to represent them.


On the plus side, the internet is a fantastic way of keeping in touch and they probably speak to friends over email far more than they would have rung them up to chat to them if they had still been in the UK. Phone calls are a lot cheaper now too.


Well done on reaching a decision, now allow yourself a bit of time for the decision to sink in and settle in your mind and see how you feel :D Asking the opinions of friends and extended family is important however ultimately it has to be what suits your family, others will support your decision I'm sure :D8)

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That sounds like a good decision to me Kate :D


I am sure that once you are there you will love it.

I think its not so much where you live,but the way of life in that country,& the way of life in NZ sounds fab :P


It must be pretty daunting thinking of all you have to pack up,get rid of,find homes for & so forth before you go,but at least you have a good deal of time to get yourself sorted out & its not a 6 week rush :lol:

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We have not been back long from a trip to NZ and OZ for my hubby's 50th.


If we had his way - we'd be there tomorrow, although he liked oz, I preferred NZ, but I agree with TinaC, you only regret what you don't do.


BTW, I would definately take my eglu with me!

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well done Kate! I'm really pleased to hear you will be around for another year. :D:D


My OH says it sounds like a good plan to him - you get to deal with all the packing, selling, arrangements and exams while your OH lives a bachelor life in a gorgeous country. :?:?:roll:

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Loved the photos - it was like walking down memory lane - we too spent 6+ weeks staying on farms stays and in B&B's in all sorts of places - some really remote.


Wishing you all the best and hope it all goes well for you

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