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Christmas Crafty Swap 2013

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Still flushed with excitement from the Autumn Swap so am volunteering to organise a Christmas Swap. I must be mad. Anyone interested?


Last 2nd class post date 18th Dec, so let's make that the deadline.


Last years thread, for advice and inspiration Click


Swap guidelines


All names to be submitted by Saturday November 16th





Jennifer Jane


Purple Hen





Goosey Lucy


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Luvachicken - the rules are here, although I'm sure Egluntyne will be posting a reminder on this thread when all the names are in.


I think lots of us have thought 'my creations aren't as good as the ones I've seen photos of' but really the point is that someone else has gone to the trouble of making something for you - it doesn't have to be expert quality, and it doesn't have to be really elaborate, if it's made with love and care. If you'd give it to a friend for Christmas, then it's good enough for the crafty swap!


I wasn't going to join in this year ... but now I've read the thread I can't resist! Put me down too, please, Eggers.

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Could participants pm me with their addresses please? Ta muchly.


All names of potential participants to be received by Saturday 16th November, and I will send the name and address of your swappee a couple of days later.


Please remember to post your swap in good time Guidelines here and it is a good idea to get some form of proof of postage.


If participants find that they can't find the time to complete their swap, there is no loss of face in withdrawing, but please let me know in good time so that other arrangements can be made.


It is a good idea to keep up to date with swap news, by checking, and even posting on the thread regularly.



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