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I know...it's really late and I should be in bed :roll:

But...in the quietness of the house with everyone tucked up in bed, I just had to shout my jubilation - and where better than here!

I've just reached the end of my first year of studying law with the Open University and had my final examination assignment due to be sent in by midday this Friday. I have just completed it and pressed the send button :D I'm so happy that I have got it in now as I envisaged being sat here till mid morning on Friday. I feel a clothes shopping trip coming on for tomorrow to celebrate having survived my first year :lol:

Roll on December, when I get my results :shock: What a long wait...

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Ohhh, thanks everyone! :D I managed to pick up a couple of nice outfits in town today. Going on a rare girly night out on Saturday, so a wardrobe revamp was in order. :lol:

I've now just got to work out what to do with all this spare time I'm going to have for a few months. Maybe I'll get around to sorting out my ever increasing Ebay pile!

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