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Why did you choose your username?

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Hi everyone!

I was just wondering why you all chosen your username, I know most of them are your names, I was just wondering really.


I'll start shall I?


Right, my username is pretty pathetic :oops: the x's are meant to be kisses, I tryed to find a hug icon, but hugsChicken04hugs looks a bit odd doesnt it? Then the Chicken bit is fairly obvious! Then the 04 bit is because 4 is my favorite number. With our the 0 it looks odd xChicken4x see?


Anyway, why did you choose your username?



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Ethan would like your name- 4 is his favourite number too. He is only 3 but if you ask him his age he will say he is 4 :lol:

Mine is a nickname of my real name & the first letter of my surname (since the username Jules had already been taken)

I wish I had been a bit more imaginative now with my name, there are some great ones on here.

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I wanted to incorporate the word Eglu into my username and have always rather liked the name Eglantine ( reminds me of Bedk"Ooops, word censored!"s and Broomsticks) so I tweaked it a bit and made it fit. When I submitted it, I expected it to be rejected as I felt sure someone else would have chosen it....I was delighted when it was accepted.


Great idea for a thread....there will be some intriguing answers.


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My user name is chookiehen, because that's what my dad used to call chickens when I was young. And I think he probably still uses the phrase now, along with moo-cows, and 'clack-clacks' (trains) :roll::roll::lol:

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