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I'm baaaack!

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remember me...long time Eglu owner, former forum mod & general loiterer who moved to France?

Well, I am back.....living in Cornwall now, yet another long, messy renovation, but happy to be home, nearer my family & in the land where Marmite is readily available.

Just thought I would pop my head around the door & say hi. We have been clearing an area for hens today & BOB the Big Orange Bu**er of a Cube will hopefully soon have a few occupants again.

I tend to use IG & Facebook more these days, so have applied to join the groups there too.....hope @Lewis lets me in 😉

Sarah x


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Welcome Home, Sarah! How lovely to see you again! Hope the move went well and that you are getting settled. Extremely envious of your location; a very beautiful place. I don't go to Henley much these days but when I do I think of you - esp in Waitrose! Keep us posted with your property progress!

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Welcome back!  You’ve chosen a lovely part of the country.  But it must have been a wrench to leave France, especially after you created such a beautiful house.  Come along and join The Hen House on FB where you’ll find more than a few Omlet Forum friends ….We’ll let you on.   I only have time to pop on here occasionally as I’m an admin on there.  

The Omlet page on FB is not the easiest to join, even now Lewis is an admin.  Heavily moderated by Omlet. All posts preapproved.   Unlike this Forum which retains its’ independence.  So exclusive is it, there is now also the Unoffocial Omlet Chicken Keepers and Poultry Forum.   Increasingly a forum for those who can’t get on the official one.   And acquiring a North American/ Australian flavour 

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