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goodbye girls

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It's been a very sad day today since our three chickens have all been massacred by a fox. The saddest part was telling my three young children - they were devastated. Just felt that I needed to share this with someone. I know that it is a horribly common thing, but it still feels nasty to think of them coming to such a violent end. They were great characters and produced fab eggs. I will get more chickens in the new year, but would appreciate any anti-fox advice. Is it wise to wait a while until we get some more? Will the foxes be back sniffing around over the next few days? Thanks!

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so, so sorry. I would be devastated.


Were they free ranging at the time or did the fox get into their run?


If they were free ranging then electric fencing or a 'fox watch' plus the usual scent detterents might help but nothing is 100% safe when it comes to free ranging, unless you stand guard over them.


If they were in a run, how is the run constructed?


The fox/foxes will certainly be back, whether you wait a while or not.

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Sorry to hear your awful news.

I only ever let my girls free range when I am actually standing out in the garden with them.

I don't think anything is 100% effective at detering foxes.


Some people allow their girls to free range alone and so far they are fine but now that you have lost three of your hens I would be very careful in future because the fox WILL be back for more.


I would suggest keeping them in the run until you can physically be in the garden with them. Might not always be convenient especially when the weather is bad but definitely worth it I'd say. :D

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im so sorry, i know the pain of losing a feathered friend. :(


i use a range of fox deterrents includin human hair and male urine. :oops: (my boyfriend is very understanding :lol: )


and also you can buy lion poop for your garden, its not a nice thought but it might help stop the him. and of course theres foxwatch.

just some thoughts.



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I've only just seen this one, you poor things, I'm so sorry to hear about your chickens and it must have been awful telling your children. I think the fox will be back, you could always get a dog and leave that out with the chooks, mine would be no use if she was challenged by a fox but I don't think a fox would try. Bit of an extreme anti fox measure, failing that why not build a bigger walk in run so they won't need to free range so much, I know if I had to be out there every time the chooks were out mine would only be out for about 5 minutes at a time.


Lots of virtual hugs your way


Mrs Bertie

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hello liz,


I'm very sorry to hear your news , I've had to do tell the same thing to my kids - only it was the grandparents dog that did it. Hence to say that dog is banned from our house now.


It isn't very scientific or proven, but I read on a website that foxes don't like male human urine, I am not joking. Ever since, and I apologise for sounding crude here, but thats what I've done.


My garden backs onto 6 miles of relatively wild land, and foxes have been known to kill other flocks in our village. But, touch wood, it's never happened to us. They also have an 8ft walk in run with the coop inside it and they free range all day pretty much


hope this is of help

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That's awful :cry:


Can only repeat the other advice on here - get a Foxwatch, try the other methods of deterring him, but really the only 100% thing is supervised free-ranging.


It limits the time mine can have out, specially at this time of year, but I get loads done in the garden. I don't think it will make any difference whether you wait or get more hens straight away, the fox will know about them whenever you get them.


I'm glad you are going to get some more - this happens, and it's one of the risks of keeping chickens.

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very sorry to hear your sad news. I lost 2 bantams a couple of weeks ago, so I know how awful you must be feeling. I used to let my girls free-range all the time, with a foxwatch, but since the fox took my girls I'm afraid that I daren't let them out unless someone is with them all the time. I have seen the same fox every day since,and I'm sure he is on the lookout for more chickens.

I have decided to build a walk-in run for them, as I really don't want to keep them confined to their Eglu run indefinitely and I think it will be the safest option.

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