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The Dogmother

New Year's Resolutions?

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I made a few last year. some of them happened some didn't.


they were

Put on weight - Yippeee, I am now about a stone heavier and up to a size 10 :D


give blood - I have donated 3 times this year :D


Learn to make soup :lol: - Just can't get the hang of this :?:lol:


Move house - Not yet :(



Resolutions for next year will be

Move house


Learn to make soup :lol:

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I don't normally make them, but this year I'm going to

1. Get straight financially - (got in a bit of a pickle this year :oops: )

2. concentrate more on me veggies (they went by the wayside when I got chooks :oops::roll: )

3. LOSE weight, dead jealous ali-s although I know it can be as hard for some to put it on as for me to lose it :evil:

4. Try to be less crabby! :shock:

lets see how long they last! :lol:


Mrs Bertie

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I am terrible. The annual resolution "Must lose weight" just isn't going to happen so this year, I'm aiming to be more organised in my life. I've got a bit bumbly lately and just bob along, forgetting things and losing things as I go. This year, I shall use my calendar, have a box labelled "safe place" and make more lists :lol: .

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Oh Kate you are a list maker as well as a jam jar collector???? :wink:


We really were separated at birth!! :wink:


The must lose weight is always top of my list!

Sort out Finances (7 weeks off with a bad back and no allowances in January this year has kind of messed me up all year)

Fix house/decorate

Sort out garden

Be happy



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Like Buffie, I don't really make New Years resolutions, just set targets throughout the year.


Usually, it is 'Carpe Diem' - life is just too short to worry about small things.


This coming year I will continue to lose some weight - I don't care how slowly it is going as long as I don't start going back up again. The attitude at the gym is so much healthier for me than going to a slimming club and I am happy with that.


Last year I decided I must floss my teeth regularly, because of the bacteria/heart problems link, I already have high cholesterol and a family history.


Other than that...... as Christain says, just to be happy.

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Top of the list - get more chooks!

de clutter & get rid of all the stuff I don't use or wear

Win some stuff in competitions - I used to enter loads & won some nice stuff. At the beginning of this year, I won £50 Hobbycraft vouchers, a PC game & a case of wine! 8) Then I forgot to enter anymore competitions, so next year me & hubby are having a competition to see who can win the most stuff.


Not thought of any others - I prefer short term goals & little acheivements that I can keep to.



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I'm not usually a resolutions person, but 2008 is going to be a big on for me with a lot of changes. So, my resolutions:


Remember to be thankful for all that I have got, and to count my blessings.

Work hard to achieve those things that I want by setting realistic goals and working towards them

Remember that I can't change everything, so learn to accept those things that are out of my control, and try hard to be flexible enough to embrace change.

Treasure my friends and family, they are the people who support me when the going gets tough, and I sometimes forget to tell them how special they really are :D:D

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I don't 'do' New Years resolutions - it's such a depressing way to start the New year - trying to cut out, cut back or give up things while the weather is cold, the nights are long, and everyones moods are low after Christmas. We do Mid Year resolutions in our house - round about the beginning of June. It's so much easier to stick to things when your spirits are high, and you have long days, and hopefully a bit of sunshine to help you on your way. :D:D

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