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Can it get any worse?

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Sorry I need a little whinge. We're living hand to mouth at the moment which has been causing us a lot of stress. DH has been away the last two weeks this last week in Germany. While hes been gone its been half term and my dishwasher has died amongst other things going wrong. I kept thinking to myself it can't get any worse but hes just phoned to say they've lost his bag. It has his sat nav in it as well as a few other goodies that they wouldnt let him take in hand luggage and we can't afford to replace. Hes supposed to be driving up to Norwich tonight so he can pick up some customers and take them to a work thing in London tomorrow. The bag also has his suit in it! they say they'll forward it to him but I bet all the nice things will be missing by that point. Hes now got to try and get them to get into gear, failing finding it, drive home, and then drive into Norwich. I feel liek someone splotting against us as its just one thing after another and we try and pick ourselves up and keep going but its becoming increasingly hard. Please keep your fingers crosssed they fin dhis bag. Sorry whinge over

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oh dear, i can imagine how you feel, one thing after another is bound to get you down, :(


Lets hope they find his bag pretty quickly, I work for an airline and TBH i never get many missing luggage queries and sometimes it gets tracked pretty quickly. (dont want to give you false hope tho !) :pray:


chin up and hopefully your "bad run" should come to an end soon then its someone else's turn :wink:

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Oh Bron I really hope he gets it back soon.

Five years ago we flew to Dusseldorf for a friend's wedding. The airline lost the grooms sisters case which had all her make up & stuff in. We were only in Germany 3 nights, & the bag had been at Dusseldorf airport all that time :roll:

Of course it turne up just as we were to fly home :wink:

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Oh Bron, I really feel for you, it often does seem llike the whole world's against you, when nothing seems to go right! I hope that the bag turns up with its contents intact. No matter how bad things seem it's always possible to find something funny in every situation, sometimes you really do have to laugh or else you cry. I say that as someone who booked our first 2 week holiday for 13 years only to have the airline go bust 3 weeks before we were due to fly)


I could write a book on the stuff we've gone through but in September we will celebrate our 25th wedding Anniversary and we still say if it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any! Keep your chin up, bad things happen but they make you stronger and one day you'll look back and laugh about them.


We find it funny to think that when my husband was out of work and we didn't have enough money for our daughter's bus fares to school that we spent an entire evening going through coat pockets and bags, and down the sofa til we found enough money for them, oh, and once when our son was about 3 and the milkman knocked at the door and I hid because I didn't have any money and my son went towards the door and I whispered to him to come back to me because I wasn't going to open the door and the little darling ran up to the door and shouted "Go away, she hasn't got any money" I bet you can imagine how red my face was when I had to open the door and explain to the milkman my reluctance to come to the door!

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Well he's on his way home to pick up stuff. I've been going round the house finding spares, toothbrush etc. Got his two other suite out to see if hes to fat or not. Found a shirt and tie that went and the realised there was no point anyway as his only smart shoes were in the bag. Its his companies bit do tomorrow with lots of wooing of clients. They're going to the ice bar (the smirfnoff place) and I'm really jealous but I don't think hes looking forward to it anymore.

Well he can swing that after all he was away with his company so they know the score but we've got to hope they get it back eventually as it basically has his wardrobe in it. Fingers crossed still.

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A couple of years or so ago I was working over in Derry/Londonderry (delete as applicable) and our marketing manager had a similar problem.


He was travelling with a few colleagues and after he picked up the hire car at Belfast Airport he drove over to where his colleagues were waiting with the luggage. They put all there own luggage in the car and left his standing on the pavement by the terminal entrance (he wrongly assumed they would put his case in the car too and so didn't get out of the car)


He arrived at work to find his case missing, questioned his rather stupid co-workers, and then realised what had happened.


He phoned the airport to enquire about his case and was told that it had been the subject of a security scare, evacuation and a controlled explosion.


So that left him in the clothes he was stood in, with a very important meeting in the morning and the Police trying to locate the hire car.


Being a scouser with a natural talent for humour, he was not phased in the the least, he mentioned the story in the local bar that evening and gained a few promotional 'Guinness' and the like T shirts to tide him over.


He gave the presentation to the client in the said same clobber, along with the rather funny/embarrasing turn of events which made local news and .........he won the contract.


I don't know the moral in this story other than it's funny after the event. Well it was funny at the time too.









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My OH flew back form Kazakhstan recently with KLM and they lost his bag too :roll: It turned up later the next day - apparently it had been on a little side trip to heathrow instead of Manchester! They told him most baggage turns up within 24 hours :? - Lets hope they are right!


Hope things start to get better for you soon

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Oh Bron - I bet you & hubby feel terrible! It's horrid when you have a string of bad luck. You think the whole world is against you. The only way I manged to get through times like that was by telling myself that there are people out there who are very very poorly & at least I have my health - which I'm grateful for! If it hadn't been so last minute - we would have sent you some suits & a care package to get you through this!

If it's not too late George (Asda) have suits for £15 & some nice shoes too!

Or try charity shops. If good, you can always ebay them afterwards! :wink:

Big hugs & the best of better luck to you both!



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