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Tina C

RIP Petula

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We lost Petula, our pretty singing ex-batt girl, today.


I was having a lie-in so Mike and Layla let the chickens out. They were just wrapping my Mother's Day present when Layla noticed Petula was lying down in the doorway to the run.


She had had a couple of days over the past few weeks when spent a bit of time hunched but had also laid a few softies, so I thought these were signs that she was coming to the end of her egg laying rather than an illness. Apart from that, everything seemed normal.


They bought me a cup of tea and my Mother's Day presents - so I had a bit of my special day - then they gave me the news.


We have buried her in a deep hole and placed some old rockery stones on top. Layla has written a letter to her and is busy with Mike making a 'headstone' (with a message scratched onto it)


She was with us almost a year and was the most contented of the ex-batts - happy to be bottom chook and friends with everyone.


RIP Petula

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Never forget, without you she would never have had those happy 12 months. A beautiful gift for both you and her. Rest in peace little one.



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Thank you for all your messages.


Have spent last few days worrying that we might lose another girl but maybe it was just time for Petula to go to the 'great dustbath in the sky'. The garden looks empty without her (even with another 8 chickens in it :oops: )


Layla is talking about getting more chickens :roll:

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