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What's in a name?

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:D My new girls arrive next week along with the delivery of my lilac cube - yay!


So I've got to start thinking of names!


I was wondering what the most popular name on here was?


My guess would be Henrietta or Babs? What you do you all reckon?!


I've only one name so far, boyfriend's choice - 'Alberta' it means '"Ooops, word censored!"le and bright', hmm not sure if appropraite but I quite like it.


Only reason he chose it is so he call the hen Bert or Bertie?! :roll:

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I had all sorts of ideas for my ex-batts, from goddesses - Hathor, Gaia, Brigid etc - to all the things they'd never seen before - sun, moon, star, sky etc. Then I asked my niece and nephews who came up with:-


Chance - we're lucky hens that have been given a second chance

Joy - we're jumping for joy because we've been given a second chance

Dandelion - because my niece liked it.


The rest are all my own fault :-


Daisy and Clover - because along with dandelions that's pretty much my lawn described

Hope - they were probably always hoping for something better and now they've got it


Probably not the most popular names, but they do actually suit them.

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I didnt name mine at first, I just called them the girls but then we started finding names for them.


Lucky is named because she has fought off the fox twice.


Tinsel because I love all the sparkle of christmas.


Su after my husbands ex girlfriend 35yrs ago (we got on well)


Marilyn because she has a twisted beak and bent toe, not perfect but beautiful.


Lily because she has a lot of white feathers amongst the ginger and is a people chicken.


Jennifer and Clarrisa mainly because I cant tell them apart. They can swap names.


It only took me about eight months to decide on names and lucky I have had for four years :D

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Ours have been named by young children too - I see Millie is fairly popular, but I've never seen a Wendy or a Princess Aurora yet :lol:


Other suggestions were:


Princess Jasmine (from Aladdin)

Stephanie (from Lazy Town)

Perdy (from 101 Dalmatians)


And, following an intense dinosaur fascination:




Tyrannosaurus :lol:

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Our girls accidentally ended up with floral names - Pansy was actually named after a guitar which belonged to someone in my daughter's favourite band and Peony got her name from an alien called a Peon in an Xbox 360 game, courtesy of my sons :roll:


In this house it's amazing they didn't end up being called Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda - the dog's name comes from a motorbike :roll::lol:


Lisa P

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Mine are:


Pingu - sounded like him/it.

Phillip - quite an aristocratic pompous little boy who thinks he's 6ft tall.


Simon - shy, unassuminng young man who will grow into a splendid chap.

Frock - named after my best friend (long story)

Spider - little black girl who had no tail feathers and she looked like a little black spider as she climbs everywhere.

Tallullah - splash girl who looked like trouble but isn't.


(pics later)

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The inspiration for our chooks names have come from all different places.


We started off with flower names, Daffodil and Marigold, then Magpie and Sylvie were because of the hybrid type, the bantams are kind of named after their personalities and Yoda and Yaddle because the green skin of their namesakes matches the green eggs!


Chick Sonic was named because he's blue and was in a rush to hatch as he was a day early and I've no idea why Chubby is called Chubby!


That's what you get if you let your kids name your pets!

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My original 4 were Sam Pippin and Frodo named by the eldest 3 and Dobbie by the youngest :lol:


The 4 rescue girls were Sprite Fairy Elf and Pixie :D because they looked so s"Ooops, word censored!"py and it was magical the was they transformed into chickens :D


Then Lilly Iris and Falcon(she had a huge hooked beak named by ES :roll: )


Daisy Lavender and Boots becasue of her feather spats


last but not least Sally Betty Mary and Martha :D No common themes but a slight link :? with each introduction and lots of influence from the children :lol:


Karen x

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Ours were named by my boys as well.. Sugar was intenting to be 'Pearl' however my son called her and said come here my little sugar.. and said ooooooh! I like that name hence she's Sugar! and I believe from what people have told me she was the first Sugar on the board. But there are others now ;)


Cocoa was Cocoa even before we went to pick her and is youngests sons girlie..


so we ended up with a drinks type theme... with no intnetion whatsover.. but we dont mind :lol:

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We have:


Daphne - blue copper marans

Delila - splash marans

Cassandra - exchequer leghorn

Myrtle - white sussex/araucana cross

Gloria - mini silkie

Tallulah - lavender pekin bantam


in addition to:


Tyson - elderly rescue dog (largely lab, but a mongrel

Dennis - accidental burmese, ginger tom mix cat

Emily (the Strange) - small black/part oriental rescue cat

Winnie (the Pussy) - elderly longhaired rescue cat

Rauol - gorgeous black ferral tom who comes to us for food

McGhee - short haired guinea pig

Dorothy - chocolate longhaired guinea pig

Peeky - fish

Hermione - fish

Lizzy - tortoise

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Hi Lisa and everyone above,


Ha Ha the motorbike names are a fab idea, my partner is mad on motor sport so im surprised he didnt think along those lines too. Im not gona tell him now tho as even tho I dont pickthe girls up untill the 6th july the names are now set. :) My cube comes in 2 days!!! :D:D:D

( note to self, must remember the food b4 they come ) oooh there are so many things to prepare, but Im getting very excited now.


Charliechick xx

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