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was doing my usual "dismantle/clean" the eglu on a friday. and discovered -



AN EGG :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:



Our Ella isnt even on laying pelletts....they are rescue chickens and still young (thats why we havent put them on layer's yet), NEVER expected it at all. total shock :shock:


At first I didnt know what to do (thought hubby had planted it for a joke)..then I ran in and grabbed my mobile phone and rang and texted everyone I could !! :D


Its the most perfect egg, slightly pinkish tone (no speckles). now I know why everyone else gets so excited




I will post a picture when I can work out how to do it

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well done chelsea!!! I was equally thrilled with my first egg - and every one since then!!!! The excitement never ends!!!!!!


Thankyou !! :D


We feel pretty silly. :oops: but amongst fellow chicken fans on here we know we arent the only ones.

People think we're daft....me or hubby running in the kitchen grasping a freshly laid egg with big grins on faces. :D

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