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Guns N' Roses forever

You know when you become too obsessed with chickens when you

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I just did this -


You know you are chicken obsessed when you drive through town,see a pile of chips that someone has spilt on the ground,& think how much the Chickens would like to eat them :lol:


Or - when you add an extra handful or pasta/peas/sweetcorn to the dish knowing that the little eager beaks will polish off the leftovers in the morning.


Or - when you feel the need to tell everyone,even the supermarket checkout girl,that you keep chickens!

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........... take a day off work to do some Christmas shopping, and you spend an hour searching pet shops for a tub of dried Mealworms for the chickens Christmas present :roll::D:D


I even know which wrapping paper I will be using and which shiny bow will be going on the top 8)

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:oops::oops: I have a confession.... the last 2 posts WERE NOT ME! :oops::oops:


My 15 year old son thinks I'm obsessed with chickens (he's Guns'n'roses forever - see 1st post) so started this off, and he added the last 2 posts in my name!!


He's now banned from the computer :wink:


(I don't think I'm as bad as he makes out!! :roll: )

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