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Im Back!!!

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Hello all,


Its been such a long time!!! :shock::shock::shock:


Ive missed you all and your antics so much! :lol:


Im now back online - not wireless but hey you cant have it all can you?!!! :roll:


It is going to take me an age to catch up with all the red arrows :lol:


Work is still hectic and stressful :( but i will try to pop in and out

but the plus side is that even though i booked yesterday and today as holiday i get it back as all the Birmingham schools are closed!!! :dance: Right so where is the phone number of that spa!!! :lol:


Im full of a cold right now but being back up & running has cheered me up no end!!!


Off to catch up! 8)

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Thanks guys! :D:D


Its good to be back - ive missed much madness so it seems!


Lesley now has a panda as well as a giraffe! :shock:

Buffie has a new avatar - v fluffy with a kinky feather boa! :wink::wink:

Revnev new avatar too - stately vicar if ever i spotted one!

Dan is now Daniel - why the change?? :?

Jackie has had a purple baby called Rose!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! :clap:

There have been storms, lots of wind and much snow talk! :shock:

Andrew has had another gig booked – well done you! :dance:

Chookiehen has flogged her house & will be moving soon :clap:

AnnieP is getting pigs in the Autumn & Jonnie still hasn’t finished the house! :roll: (I know how you feel!)

Mel (&Paul) has organised a ‘Dorset Do’ – good on ya girly, we will hopefully make it! :pray:

Claret is head of the posting leader board closely followed by Kate, & Martin is not too far behind either – no shock there then! :wink:

Ginette has had some poorly chooks but nursed them back to health successfully – what a great chicken mum you are :D:D


Sorry if I have not mentioned you yet but you wont believe how many red arrows there are when you have been away for 6 weeks it quite overwhelming! :shock::shock::shock:


Needless to say i have missed you all dearly and thanks to those who have been in touch off the forum your support has been greatly appreciated :D:D:D


Just read that Egluntines OH made an apple pie!!! :shock::shock::shock: Is the mess cleared up yet??

Laura007 is growing veg this year - well done you - me too, got 44 different varieties now just need OH to sort out vegy beds! :roll:

Chelsea thinks leeks are under rated - me too i love leeks! :D

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