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look at 2 of my girls

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Mine stampede the back door when it's opened too. Thought they weren't bothered though today, too busy rootling where I'd been digging. So I went inside and left the back door open. Sat in the lounge and heard a suspicious noise in the hall - found Pom in the hall investigating the shoes and coats. :roll: Luckily no poos, but what a little madam! :lol::lol:

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I have only just started to allow them out the run as the weathers been reallice lately (shame its changing back to what it was)


I have noticed however if I walk past them to the shed where all their food if cept they all run in a line behinds me!! I cant help but giggle over it as all 5 of them look rarther daft!!

more so as they get faster as I get closer to the shed!! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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