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Nicola O

Eglu as dog kennel !!

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Went and picked up my 'new' secondhand eglu on Sunday.


When I got home I lugged it out of the car and round to the patio - I opened the door and took the eggport door off to have handy hand holds - then went back for the run sections, roosting bars etc.


After a couple of minutes I realised I was missing a dog, Millie was with me but no sign of Freda. I called and looked round the garden, and not finding her rushed out the gate to see if she had slipped passed me and had gone out on to the road. Again no sign, so I went back in the garden in a bit of a panic 'where on earth was she :? '


As I looked round the garden again I finally spotted her - lying flat out in the Eglu as happy as larry :lol: If I ever need an emergency kennel I'll know what to use. It's not just chickens who like the Eglu, small dogs love it too :D



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